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    Violet City Blues

    Random arrangement of the Violet City theme I came up with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeXbE7Dxt5U
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    [guitar cover] Fight with Seymour from FFX

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPJ-Od48iZ0 Finished today. If you like it, there's a couple more covers on the channel (mostly Square RPGs music). Enjoy :V
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    Platinum ingame RMT

    Feel like taking some dust off Platinum while waiting for gen VI... Just using a bunch of stuff I never tried out, team might change and I need a sixth, but not sure on what to use yet. Also about held items, I'm near clueless on what you find and when, so any suggestion is appreciated. ;392...
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    soul silver monowater team

    Made a team with my absolute favourite type, now I've got all the badges and heading to mount silver. I did a little breeding, got non-harmful natures, somewhat tried to pilot my EV training but never bothered grinding for EVs so I won't post those. I'm using no healing items, and playing on...
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    Herp de derp team (B/W)

    Okay basically I wanted to try up a lot of poke's that I found useless and make some sort of team. I'm willing to nature/EV train, breed and use BW2 tutors if necessary (you'll see soon why, since a LOT of this is really hard to actually put to use without proper movesets and EVs). I tend to use...
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    Black/White ingame team

    This is how my team looked like when I beat the elite four. Whole team was at level 52 then jumped to about 54-55 by the end of it. Battle System on Set to spice things up. I don't like free switch-ins everytime you faint a pokemon, it's just too easy. Serperior @ Big Root Ability: Overgrow...
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    Pokemon Black pre - elite4 team

    Natures are kinda random (well i did chose my starter with decent stats and catched decent IV'ed pokemons but that's all). for items, Lucky Eggs spam still :V Emboar Flamethrower / Brick Break / Wild Charge / Boiling Water maybe gonna replace wild charge with EQ/Stone edge when i find the TM...