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    What is One of the worst anime you ever watched?

    I have. It's not the age thing. After watching some of the old anime, many of which I've never seen, there's definitely a different sense of humor there, IMO.
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    What is One of the worst anime you ever watched?

    Either Diamond and Pearl or Lucky Star. Repetitive, static scenery, and overall plain dull. Pokémon doesn't seem to have the appeal it had all those years ago. If Lucky Star is a comedy, I don't see the joke. Nice-looking girls, but bad everything else, IMO. *Yawn*
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    The Soul

    I am my soul, just as Adam was in himself. ... Lol that probably didn't make any sense.
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    Do People Have the Right to Commit Suicide?

    You do make good points, but unfortunately they aren't relevent to the topic at hand. It's not whether it's right or wrong. It's if people have that as a right, like the freedom of speech. Something that can't be taken from you.
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    Out of All of Ash's Pokemon, which do you think can take down Cynthia's Garchomp?

    Cynthia's dragon doesn't have very good moves, so... Garchomp: Swords dance, outrage, stone edge, and earthquake/swords dance/fire fang. This alone can crush Ash's entire team, assuming Cynthia teaches them to her garchomp. Charizard would be OHKO'd by stone edge, snorlax would fall to...
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    There are two Articuno in the pokemon world?

    I'm pretty sure the so-called "legendaries" are simply rarer pokémon. It's like Nessie: a few people have seen it and lots of myths arise, even if it isn't confirmed to exist. After all, they're legends! Additionally, I'm sure most, if not all of these pokémon actually have genders. Lugia...
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    Regions United?

    It's been stated that each region (hence the designation) is part of a larger political entity; i.e. it's like the USA with all the states.
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    Gender Race!!!!

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    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.

    Because yo momma's a poll dancer in the land of Poles. What is the meaning of life?
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    You're Banned: Worst Thread Ever

    Bant cuz i was too lazy
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    You're Banned: Worst Thread Ever

    Banned because I was too lazy to click.
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    6/10 Now that I've changed my theme (Serebii 7.0), it's low contrast.
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    You're Banned: Worst Thread Ever

    BANT! RAWR!!11!!!!one!!!
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    Do People Have the Right to Commit Suicide?

    ^Easy, they're given psychological treatment.
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    Swearing, is it wrong?

    There's nothing wrong with swearing, as long as you don't do it in front of your superiors and at formal events.
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    Abortion, Right or Wrong?

    That's the legal issue, not the moral issue. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right, although I do agree that abortion is right. A non-sentient fetus is not a person. And for those who say a vegetative-state person counts as a person who can't be killed at will is wrong. A...
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    does pikachu still know thunder

    Yeah, if we're thikning logically, then Pikachu probably still knows. That is, unless pokémon are stupid like in the games.
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    Do People Have the Right to Commit Suicide?

    No, I meant if you attempted but survived.
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    Is there life in outer space?

    Not to mention that life could exist with massive differences to our own. Silicon-bsed lifeforms, anyone? Methane-breathing? Who knows?
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    ^Erienne, I believe that is theoretically impossible. If we knew how to make or do anything, humans would be Gods, or at least transcend above the normal level of being. Something like that could very well lead to yet a whole new universe of ideas and discoveries.