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Search results

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    Guitar Hero

    Does anybody here like to play the Guitar Hero games?
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    I need help!

    AAAAH!! Now I tried to go to some place with grass, and THIS IDIOT SAID I CAN'T GO! Now he's taking me to a big house! THIS IS HARD!
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    I need help!

    I just started playing Pokemon FR/LG a few days ago. I don't know what I'm doing! Where the heck am I supposed to go?! I woke up at this weird house with some lady in it! Now what do I do?
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    What's the best baby Pokemon?

    Pichu. So freakin cute. :)
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    Why can't you...?

    ...make a skin that doesnt have one Pokemon on it?? I want to make it so it doesnt look like I'm viewing a Pokemon forum. Can you do it or not??? :confused:
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    Guess what?? Iiiiiiiim baaaack!!

    w000t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 But not because i like Pokemon, but because I get bored sometimes...
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    Last poster wins!!!!!!!!

    LOL, I havent been here in months, BUT I STILL WIN!!!
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    Rate the above posters music!

    NHOI Gwen Stefani-"Rich Girl"
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    Last poster wins!!!!!!!!

    Or probably me....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Last poster wins!!!!!!!!

    I winz0rz bacuase Pokemon sucks!!!!!!!
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    Rate the above posters music!

    NHOI Christina Millian f Young Jeezy-"Say I"
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    Rate the above posters music!

    5/10 Kelis-"Bossy"
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    You're banned.

    ^Your all banned for liking this dumb baby show Pokemon :@
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    Last poster wins!!!!!!!!

    Guess again...
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    Rate the above posters music!

    5/10 Korn-"Coming Undone"
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    Post a lie about the above poster!!!

    ^Made me LMAO
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    Rate how well known the above user is

    6/10 Ive seen you around
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    Im leaving soon...

    I don't know where to put this but... This place has grown over me. I mean, I liked Pokemon as a kid but now I don't realy like it. So why would I keep coming here seeing all these Pokemon loving people if I don't anymore??? I decided to leave. I found even better places to go than this...
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    *new Vending Machine Game*

    *Out comes nerds* *Inserts anti-pokemon headband*
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    never-ending cheat

    ...then you must find the anti-pokemon headband located in the nearest...