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    Amanda Knox

    This was such a terrible opening post that the whole thing's been wiped clean. For the introduction to this discussion, see the post by JoshYEAH immediately below.
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    User Title

    Is there anywhere that shows how many posts you need before moving up in the ranking, along with the images that seems to accompany the different ranks
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    HeartGold Battle Tower team

    Here is the team I have worked out in theory with which to take on the Battle Tower. Any useful bits of advise would be much appreciated Snorlax @ Leftovers Thick Fat Careful (+SDef -SAtk) -Return -Fire Punch -Curse -Rest Metagroos @ ? Clear Body Jolly (+Spd -SAtk) -Meteor Mash -Earthquake...
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    What with all the stupid offers that exist within the GTS I wondered if anyone has found a real gem of a trade within it? I recently got a haunter in a trade for a Porygon. Now I have a Gengar with a Timid nature and Fighting HP. IV are a bit bad but it could be workable.