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    Good Regigigas Moveset?

    Awesome; thanks so much. :D
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    Good Regigigas Moveset?

    Thanks. :) I've got a friend with an Adamant one... I'll see what he wants for it. Is the Protect on Yanmega for free Speed Boosts?
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    Good Regigigas Moveset?

    Good Regigigas,Gliscor,Yanmega Movesets? I'm training my Regigigas now, but I'm unsure of a good Moveset. It's Naughty (Wish I could've had Adamant, but I took what the game gave me after turning the game off and re-catching it several times), and I'm giving it the standard Physical Sweeper 252...
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    The Most Annoying Thing In PBR

    Neon Coliseum was pretty annoying, but Mysterial was a pain in the butt after I just wanted to fight him again for fun. I easily beat him the first times I needed to in order to complete the Coliseum, but now that I've fully beat the game and just want to fight him for fun, I can't seem to win...
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    What is the coolest looking pokemon

    I think Arceus was handeled well on PBR; its graceful movements and stance are fantastically done. Its body shape and face were done masterfully as well. :)
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    ideas for new abilities

    I’ve got a couple of ideas; I’m not sure if they’re good or not (or even if they’ve been suggested already)… ^_^; Desert Rush: Doubles speed in Sandstorm. Pokemon: Garchomp (little too cheap?), Gible, Gabite, Cacturne, Cacnea, Baltoy, Claydol... Others could include Geodude, Graveler, and...
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    Shaymin and Arceus Work

    :D Thank you! Nope; it has one on both sides of its head. In the game, you can see this when it appears after you give thanks on the white rock, and in PBR it's very easy to see.
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    Shaymin and Arceus Work

    Zeeky H. Bomb: When I get time, certainly! :D flame master 14: Based on the PBR version, it's more matted down, but I agree; looking more like grass would be accurate. I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 for these.
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    what gym had you frustrated

    All of the Gyms were fairly easy; the last Gym, for me at least, was slightly hard because I didn't have a strong anti-Electric Pokemon, (Ex: Garchomp... so I had to settle with my Roserade), and his Luxray kept getting critical hits. xD
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    If you could live in the Sinnoh Region, where would that be?

    I'd have to say Celestic or Eterna; I like the history of those places.
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    Coolest looking attacks

    Aeroblast looks awesome, but Seed Flare, Judgement, Cosmic Power, Roar of Time, and Magma Storm are cool, too.
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    Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?

    Aaron: Fairly simple; Drapion's change of pace and Vespiquen's Pressure were the only problems, however minor. Bertha: I just let my Roserade enjoy the x4 super effective Giga Drain on most of her Pokemon. Fairly simple as well. Flint: Empoleon was able to KO most of his team; I used Luxray...
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    Shaymin and Arceus Work

    I've been drawing the Event Legendaries for a while now, and it's about time I post them out here for you all to see. I hope you like them. :) The Arceus one is older; it's mostly an improvement of my older Arceus work, and a semi-accurate depiction of him from PBR...
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    Metal Burst

    Sounds like it. It's a good thing they're fairly slow to start with.
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    Something I thought of

    If the clock does match the DS clock, then you certainly could trick the game into thinking it's night time, I guess. (However, I'm not sure if it matches the DS clock.) About the ID thing... I'm not sure about that, either.
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    Aura Sphere or Flash Cannon?

    As mentioned, Aura Sphere is the way to go. I like Flash Cannon, but it, as mentioned earlier, hurts barely any types. As much as I love Roar of Time (gosh, it's finally a Dragon Hyper Beam), it's (again, as mentioned) far too dangerous with the recharge. I see how two Dragon Pulses make more...
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    Favorite pokemon to date

    Arceus and Dialga, no doubt.
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    Mesprit OR Azelf OR Uxie

    I like Azelf for sweeping, but I also like Uxie for the Def. and Sp. Def...
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    Darkrai Moveset?

    xD I drew it, in case you're wondering. I just think it looks cool; I see how it's old man-ish. And thanks to Spire, Freakshow, and randomn00b: I'll certainly put your ideas to good use. I'll put on Focus Punch and Thunder.
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    Darkrai Moveset?

    Ah; I see. :D Good thinking. But is Life Orb worth the increase in attack for the damage it gives you? I guess it really is. :)