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  1. J

    Jessie and james new pokemon

    If jessie and james finally do have it written that they catch some other pokemon in black and white which do you think would be good and why?? I think jessie could have a whimisicott because its one of those pokemon that we would say is ugly but jessie would compliment it on its cuteness...
  2. J

    My Pearl Team

    Basically i re-started my diamond game so i traded my diamond team to pearl and i now want to mix the teams but i can't decide on the combined team so i've put you vote up to anyone that wants to help. There are options for my water (Empoleon/Gastrodon), grass (Torterra/Roserade) flying...
  3. J

    Which ne pokemon do you think james should have?

    Its been bugging m that james has only one battling pokemon and i think the he should be given a stunky because it can eve be written in that each time jame lets him out he releases an awful smell (much like cacnea hugging him) and then team rocket could even have an evolution which has not...
  4. J

    Rate My Emerald Team

    This is the team I am going to raise as my emerald team I have started raisniong it but am not through the game yet and the is for the Pokemon League so any advice and Im listening. Swampert ;260; Surf Ice Beam Warterfall Earthquake Breloom ;286; Strength Giga Drain Solarbeam...
  5. J

    my future Pearl Team

    ;395; Surf Ice Beam Drill Peak Hydro Pump ;185; Imitate Rock Slide Arm Hammer Wood Hammer ;398; Fly (its very useful out of battle) In Fight Brave Bird Steel Wing ;454; Rock Climb/Earthquake Poison Stab Focus Bomb Sludge Bomb ;467; Overheat Brick Break...
  6. J

    Need a magneton Moveset

    I really am struggling for a agneton moveset please help. Magneton- lv60 Adament Thunder Thunderbolt (i Like to have to moves of the type of pokemon) tri attack ??? any suggestions Thankyou.
  7. J

    Rate my Fire Red team

    Here is my fire red team ive got all of there natures perfect i just want you to judge the movesets really. Charizard-lvl 55 Fly (helpful in the game) Iron Tail Blast Burn Flamethrower Butterfree- lvl 55 Psybeam Silver Wind Dream Eater Sleep Powder Nidoqueen- lvl 55 Ice Beam...
  8. J

    Aipom Moveset

    I have trained with my Aipom for a year now but I still cant find the right movset for it any suggestions Aipom lvl70 female Hold Item- Amulet coin/Leftovers (I switch them depeding on if I eed money or not) Nature- Sassy Moves- Return irontail Shockwave (accident selected the wrong...
  9. J

    Team Rocket Pokemon

    Right do you think it unfair for james to have only 2 pokemon and jessie the worse trainer of the two to have 3 i think james needs another fighter pokemon like cacnea on his team. which pokemon do you think James should have and why??? I think james should have a gligar because its fisty (a...
  10. J

    Rate my Leaf green team

    Blastoise -lvl 60 Nature- Quirky Surf Ice beam Skull Bash Hydro cannon Charizard-lvl 60 Nature - Calm Fly Fire Blast(needs to go) Blast Burn Flamethrower Dragonite-lvl60 Nature - Naughty Iron tail Hyper Beam ( needs to go) Dragon Claw Thunderbolt Granbull-lvl 60 Nature -...
  11. J

    Granbull Moveset

    Dragonite Moveset I would like to appaulogise to any one I may of offended on serebii.net/forums Rite Could someone please tell me a good move set for my granbull Nature- Gentle and stength has to be inclued also a good moveset for dragonite Nature-Naughty It Knows Hyperbeam (...
  12. J

    munchlax moveset

    In the episodes what are the 4 main moves used by Munchlax
  13. J

    how do you closed a thread you started

    can someone please tell me how to close a thread you started once you have the answer you need
  14. J


    I would like to appalogise to anyone i may have affended on serebii.net/forums. now thats out of the way can some please explain to me why solarbeam is no good and why I shouldn't recomend it to people on rate my team;007;
  15. J

    Rate your team from pokemon emerald everyone is welcome to

    oh n ryan i created this so keep ur opinions to yourself
  16. J

    which pokemon is ya favourite u gotta b able to say why though

    My favourite pokemon has to be squirtle or mudkip - the're cute and have alot of stength behind them they are the one to have ;007;;008;;009;;258;;259;;260;