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  1. Pokemon Military School V.2.

    Approved by No not Psiumbreon but MondoTR Welcome To Pokemon Military School V.2 Each Week We'll have a 6-8 Pokemon Class For every Round there have to compete in a physical Competiton Each Competitor We'll be rannked on Personality & how they did in the competetion Based on the Info You...
  2. The SPPF Games Index Thread

    Can someone Sticky this? I got this approved by Psi so I can call it Official This idea came to me because i saw it in the clubs section Alright let's get down to it alright,There's a small form I need you Owners/Co-owners(I will not enforce this, since I'm doing a list of games, not a...
  3. Gym-Leader Face-Off

    Aprroved By Himiko Welcome to the Gym-leader face-off a few Rules to go over 1. No Spamming 2. No bashing 3. No flaming 4. Serebii rules apply Everybody no's the rule so with that said let's get started We need 16 nomanations
  4. Questions about mods

    is there a certain age you have to be to become a mod becasue most of the mods are in there late 10's
  5. One Word Story 2

    Approved By Psi Since Water Blue left & had the first one closed I decided to restart it, ok you all know the rules correct, Please follow them No Lesbian or Homosexual posts Why because some people will be offend by this & use it every time they post For example it gets annoying Also...
  6. Bad Pm

    S-H-U-P-P-E-T is out of control he deleted all my members on my site & i'm real scared he might hack here too, i'll get his message that he sent me Edit: here's his message
  7. Question

    Um.... i just wondering how do you get those hearts & other things in your sig & in your username
  8. Anime Obsessions Club

    Approved By Everyone's favorite PsiUmbreon Ok this is a club for people that have obessession with an Anime charecter it can be Any anime charecter, hell it could be a group of Anime charecters ya like Well the rules are as in all of my club 1. No Spam,Bash,Flaming 2. I decide who's what...
  9. Which Gym Leader Should join or rejoin the group

    Which Gym leader do you think will Join then group or Rejoin the group Discuss!
  10. User Title?

    Hey Um I saw something werid, Shining Mew's user title was moving, Is that just for admins or is it for members too, just wondering
  11. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Man This Is ****ING Unbelieveable I'm working on A Fic i finish the chapter up the first chapter, & It logs out On me, & when I get back in I lose the whole entire first chapter & the fic, help me somebody & mods Please don't close this until I get An answer
  12. Hilarious video

    Hilarious videos Funny video of Chip & dales http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/chipndale.php
  13. Post your Videos

    Ok i had this Idea to have lesser video's posting so i came up with this post ur videos
  14. New members club

    Apporved by Psi welcome To the New Members club This Club is for Newbies,Or anyone that joined in 2005 here are the rules 1. No Spamming 2. Ask politely not like "I MUST JOIN" 3. Stay on-topic 4. No bashing 5. No flaming 6. Anybody can make a Topic Ok is there anybody that wants to...
  15. Grass Type faceoff

    GET BACK PEOPLES!!!! This was Apporved By Mondo Now for most of you, U remember that i had a face-off like this but i had to close due to the other one, so because the other one is a month old i've decided to restart it. Ok let's get this started first up is;252; vs;152; Start voting!!! U...
  16. The Avatar: Last Airbender Club

    Approved By Psi Well since the other one got closed i decided to restart it Welcome to the Offical Avatar Last Airbender Club Here are the rules Rules 1. No spamming,Flaming,Bashing all that other stuff. 2. No requesting to be the Co-owner I will decide that 3. No advertising 4...
  17. Good,Bad,or Ugly Game

    Approved By Psi YEAH!!!!!! Ok here's how the game work's 1st poster:ice cream Now the 2nd psoter has to say if it's good,bad,or ugly 2nd poster:good Is that simple enough let's get started
  18. Do you think Misty should have her hair longer

    Do you think Misty should have her hair longer or keep it the way it is
  19. Ash Or Gary

    Which boy Do you think is hotter ASH,GARY or someone else
  20. How do u block out words

    How do u block out the words with that biack thingie