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    How old were you when you first started playing?

    For me, I was 5 with Pokémon Crystal.
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    Good quotes from Pokémon?

    Good quotes from Pokémon? What good quotes can you think of from the animé/games. I remember a biker in Kanto saying "You only live once" ( using YOLO before it was even cool)!
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    What's the longest you've gone without Pokémon?

    What's the longest you've gone without Pokémon? Just wanted to know, how long have you gone without playing the game/watching the animé? Obviously not counting the amount of time when you were a baby!
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    How does a Pokéball work?

    How does a Pokéball work? The game description says something along the lines of "nobody knows how it works". So, what are your theories? I personally have no idea... -_-
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    What do you think the point of having a pre-evo introduced is (such as Pichu or Budew)? I am a bit confused as to why pre-evos are introduced because they are generally underpowered. Please, give me your thoughts
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    What you DON'T like about Pokémon

    What you DON'T like about Pokémon Everybody loves Pokémon on this site (or I hope everyone does), but there must be one thing in Pokémon which just shouldn't happen. For me it is some of the gym leaders who you can't seem to beat. But what I hate most is when I am searching on the GTS and...
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    Least Favorite Region?

    Hey, just doing a poll to find out what the least popular region is, so please vote!
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    What really annoys you in Pokemon?

    What really annoys you in Pokemon. For me it was trying to beat Elesa in White. Volt switch, volt switch, volt switch etc.
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    The Betting Game (Not with real Money)

    Everyone starts with $50. I* will select four random Pokemon and you have to bet money on who I* will pick. (Me in this case) The first person to get it right gets double the amount of money they bet and also gets to select another four Pokemon and the process repeats itself. Rules: You...
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    Coincidences in Pokémon?

    Coincidences in Pokémon? Are there any big coincidences in Pokémon that you know of? An example: I used to live on a road called Victory Road. (True story) Or: I designed a Pokémon called Eelektric shortly before the release of Gen. V. (Another true story)
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    I need help?!

    Hi, I am new to serebii forums, I just want to know how to change the little picture under my name, thank-you!
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    Which Type of Pokémon League Official would you want to be?

    Which Type of Pokémon League Official would you want to be? If you were to be in the Pokémon League, what title would you want to hold?
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    Which Villainous Team is the most reasonable?

    Out of Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic and Team Plasma, who do you think has a better, more "reasonable" goal?
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    Type disadvantages/advantages

    Sometimes type advantages make sense (such as water beating fire) but some make no sense (eg fighting beating dark?) Discuss the probable and sensible reasons.
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    Favorite Region?

    What is your favorite region? Just out of curiosity :P