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    Best Quotes in Pokemon Games

    "Burn, baby, burn!" -N in white when he initially summons Reshiram.
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    Hardest Trainer/Boss to beat in a Pokemon game?

    Cynthia and Whitney definitely come to mind. However I generally find the champions easy to beat. I also don't see what's so hard about Ghetsis' Hydreigon, I always 1 hit KO'd it with a strong fighting-type move. Probably the hardest challenge I've ever had is Gardenia, I chose Piplup and that...
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    Least Favourite Moves

    I'd say quash, it's a terrible move that can only be used in double battles, especially considering the fact that I don't like double battles that much to start with.
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    How old were you when you first started playing?

    For me, I was 5 with Pokémon Crystal.
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    When NPC characters said that tm's can only be used once, I thought that they could only be used once in battle, and then they would be deleted after using that move. Then I tried one and discovered that that's not what it meant after all!
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    Pokemon Disappointments?

    My thoughts exactly XD My biggest disappointment, though, was the lack of new evolutions for old Pokémon in Gen V, or just the lack of old Pokémon in B/W. Also the fact that they dropped seasons in Gen VI, that was probably one of my favorite game mechanic ever. Another disappointment of mine...
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    Pokemon Regions..

    I think that a region based off New Zealand could work. NZ is full of rivers, forests, lakes as well as large, snowy mountains. There are also tropical beaches and I'd love to see a Pokémon based off of a kiwi. In NZ, there is a town called Rotorua which is full of geothermal activity, making it...
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    Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts

    In Ruby and Saphire, they intended a Pokémon like Shellos to appear, despite only being released in Generation IV. This can be found in the game's coding. It looks like a combination of east and west Sinnoh's Shellos.
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    Count to 100 before a mod posts!

    47 !!!!!!!!
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    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above signature...

    I think I would say yes. Who wants to marry a Magikarp?
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    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above avatar...

    I suppose it might work...
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    You're Banned 5.0 (Rule update: 09/08/14)

    Banned for not knowing what Pokemon is.
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    Pokemon Theories/ Myths/Creepypasta's

    I have a theory that Unown was created in the Sinjoh Ruins by Arceus to help unify Johto and Sinnoh and help create peace between the two regions.
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    Most forgettable gym leader/elite four member

    At the moment, I'm going through ruby again, does anyone remember Brawly by chance?
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    Pokemon Elite Four's Getting Too Easy?

    I do believe that Unova made it easy by letting you challenge the E4 challengable in any order, also making all the E4's levels the same as one another.
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    If you could have one Pokemon in real life, what would it be?

    Probably Mew because it's cute and it can learn any move (including transform if I wanted it to trick someone)
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    Which game would you want to live through?

    Pokemon X because I don't know what's gonna happen, so it'll be more exciting. Also I like Xerneas and there are heaps of Pokemon there which nobody knows yet.
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    Most forgettable gym leader/elite four member

    I'd have to say that the most forgettable E4 would have to be Agatha in my opinion. In terms of GL's, probably would have to be Chili or Pod, not Cilan though, everybody knows Cilan from the Anime.
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    Support The Unloved Pokemon!

    I feel that Ditto doesn't receive much love. I don't like it just for its move transform but also because Ditto once helped me win the Championship and has also given me a few badges.
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    What's your Pokeproblem?

    For me, Zubats in dark cave!!!!!!