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    Do you think the 3-3 battles are a good idea? Do you think they'll have more mini-games?
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    Rate my team.

    Thanks to aragornbird@arkeis.com for the pics. Swampert@Leftovers Trait:Torrent EVs: 236 HP / 176 Def / 96 SAtk Relaxed nature - Hydro Pump - Earthquake - Ice Beam - Roar Salamence@Choice Specs Trait:Intimidate EVs: 252/SpA 252/Spd 6/HP Modest nature - Draco Meteor - Dragon...
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    Question about SSBM

    I recently bought Super Smash Bros. Melee at GameStop. It was used. I put it in my Wii and it only let me go so far and said the disc couldn't be read. Today I'm going back to GameStop. Will they let me return/exchange it? Also, would they have a new copy of SSBM? Note:I bought it yesterday...
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    Final Team descision.

    Well, as most of you know, I have submitted many teams. This one, will be my final team for D/P. So, all suggestions are welcome, except stupid ones. :) Swampert@Leftovers Relaxed nature - Surf - Ice Beam - Earthquake - Stealth Rock Salamence@Choice Band Adamant nature - Fire...
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    Reset Wi-fi data?

    I was wondering if you could reset your Wi-fi data. e.g. Zenigame: 1 win, 20 losses and then I choose to get rid of everything and start anew. Can you do that?
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    Video Game Face-off

    My first FO. You can either use all TEN points on one pokemon or switch it around (ex. 3 heal Sapphire, 5 hurt LG, 2 heal Ruby) The games are one from the original two and the follow-up so: Red x100 Yellow x100 Stadium 2 x100 Silver x100 Crystal x100 Stadium GSC x100 Ruby x100...
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    DS availability going short?

    Look at this: Look at this, just a couple of days ago, we were shopping for a little kid's birthday present, and there are DS's. They mention D/P and some other good games. I wouldn't imagine a console that came out two years ago to be this popular now. I blame/give credit to the DS Lite and...
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    Future Pearl Team

    Ok, first off, don't consider EVs or Natures, ok, and I use Water types a lot even though it isn't a mono-type team. Swampert@ Leftovers Water Pulse Earthquake Rest Ice Beam Blastoise@ Chesto Berry Rest Surf Earthquake Rapid Spin (For Spikes) Dragonite@ Leftovers Thunderbolt...
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    Lv.100 Wi-Fi Battling

    If Wi-Fi raises pokemons lvs. to 100, what about this scenario: my lv.100 Swampert vs. someone's lv.50 Venasaur, my stats would be incredibly higher than the other person's pokemon's stats, making it unfair, my question is: Does Wi-Fi also raise the stats to lv.100 quality?
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    How do I make my banner smaller?

    The banner in my sig is too big, I want to make it smaller, but how?
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    Trainer Card Level

    How many stars are on your trainer card? I have one from the E4.
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    What's wrong?

    I have a Swampert and I went to the move tutor in FR/LG and Curse wasn't one of the choices and to back this up, my Medicham in Sapphire learned egg moves from the tutor in Emerald. Do I have to put it back in Emerald to get it to learn Curse, and it is lv.100 if that has anything to do with it.
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    Question About Battle Tower...

    On the main site, it says there are only lv.50 battles and it would lower your pokemon's level to 50 if needed, but my question is, can it raise the pokemon's level?
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    Your own skill.

    As already said in yesterdays update, you can battle with a filter system of your own skill. How do you think it will be judged? It could be battles won or pokemon captured. Discuss.
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    WOOT! First thread! OK, my team is like this: Rentoraa @ leftys Thunderbolt Crunch Ice Fang Charge Entruperto (sp)@ chesto berry Ice Beam Rest Surf up to be changed Mewtwo @leftys Shadow Ball Psychic Thunderbolt Recover Mukuhawk @ leftys Brave Bird Feather Rest Toxic...
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    More glitches.

    I know I just said there was a glitch, but this one is stranger. I went into the PBR section and posted about the box art and then I go to fan art. Then, I see the D/P and PBR forums have never instead of the number of posts. I click on the D/P forums and it says there have been no new posts for...
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    If I have 3 outsidee pics and a TC, would that be over the limit? Thank you in advance.
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    Glitch or Hacker

    I tryed to log out. It said there was a problem so I clicked the thing that logs you out. It said thank you for logging out then,I see I'm still logged in. I didn't care. Then since I have the GS skin, all of the forums were having Lugia next to them meaning no new posts. Does this mean it's a...
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    Rate my Team please.

    I don't use EV/IV so judge by power. :club: Swampert lv.100 Earthquake Ice Beam Surf Hyper Beam Zapdos lv.100 ThunderBolt Drill Peck Steel Wing Detect Articuno lv.100 Ice Beam Toxic Fly Agility Groudon lv.100 (sp?) Eruption Solarbeam Earthquake ThunderBolt...