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    Its my first time... be gentle...|OU/UU RMT|

    This is my first attempt at making a competitive team. Any suggestions will be very welcome, but please make your post worthwhile. At a glance... The Leader... Roserade @ Focus Sash Timid (+ Speed / - Atk,) Ability: Natural Cure 4 Hp / 252 Sp. Attack / 252 Speed - Sleep Powder - Toxic...
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    Mum or Mom?

    Do you say/spell your mothers as Mum or Mom, I say Mum. Is Mom purely American or is it a Global thing?
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    The Homework Help Thread

    Hello, and welcome to the new Homework Help Thread. This is a thread, where you, strangely enough ask/answer homework questions! Few small rules 1. If you are giving advice, please make sure its accurate. 2. Try not to give answers, just if for example is a Maths question, just give them the...
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    Post count shrinking!!!

    Yes as you may have guessed by the title, my post count is shrinking... :( I know this as yesterday I brought up my 400th post, and today, it has shrunked to 381... Thats 19 posts that have dissapered... This is the second time this has happned... And I am wondering why?!?!?! Thanks MODS...
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    The Wimbledon Thread

    Ok, surprise surprise who won.... OK what ever...
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    iTunes movie problem...

    Hi, I recently got Underworld from a mate on a USB, and Im trying to put it on my iTunes to sync to my iPod... Its not appearing when I drag it... The movie is MPEG-4 Movie, which I know is compatible with iTunes as a allready have other movies of that type on my iPod... Thanks for...
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    Rate My Giratina

    Hey, thanks for entering my thread!!! Ok, here is a possible look for my ;487-o; Nature Lonley Ev set-up 252 Atk 252 H.p 8 Speed Moves Dragon Claw or Outrage Shadow Force Shadow Claw Earthquake Any advice is welcome! Thanks!
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    .:Hidden items around Sinnoh:.

    Write about the hidden item around Sinnoh!!! Rules: Be specific i.e.: (This is an actual one! ;) ) Item: Bug Plate Location: Pokémon Mansion Direction: 1. Stand at the entrance. 2. Go 6 steps East. 3. Go 6 steps North. Press A. Just in case you...