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    White 2 Battle subway team.

    Hey guys, I have yet another team. This is one I'm making to take my first White 2 adventure. I usually just wing it without breeding or EV training, but it always annoys me that the team could be better if I had put in the effort. So I decided to make this team before I played the game. I...
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    HG wifi team.

    Hello everyone. Just want to thank you all for taking the time to look at this team. This will be my first time EV training, but I have studied it for a while, and should be able to do it without any mistakes. (then again, I always find a way to screw things up. XD) I want to make this team for...
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    Another rain team XD

    Well, I've been spending a considerable amount of time on PO lately, and I think with the help of one of my clan members and his guide, I have built a (somewhat) effecient team. Just a quick note, this team isn't completely rain centered, as none of the pokemon really have abilities that abue...
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    My new pokemon white team

    Well, I have already completed my first pokemon white game so I decided to try to come up with a new pokemon team. This team is built around Drapion and his Roar + Toxic combo. Updated as of Tuesday, July 05, 2011. Emboar @Muscle band/Sitrus berry/Leftovers Nature:Adamant Ability:Blaze...
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    The weird pokemon game.

    In this game what you do is post what you think is weird about a specific pkemon and rate from 1-10 how much you agree with what the above poster said about the pokemon they picked. Example: (first poster) I think it's weird that Aggron has a hole in his head (Next poster) 10/10 I...
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    HG Forretress entry-hazard team.

    I'm building this team around Forretress' entry-hazards. I need help deciding what pokemon should go in the lat few spots. Here is what I was thinking for my team so far. ;160; @Muscle band Ability:Torrent Nature:Jolly/Adamant EVs: 252 Atk./ 252 Spd./4 HP -Waterfall -Ice fang -EQ...
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    HG Forretress team help.

    I need help choosing the last few pokemon for my team. I am building this team around Forretress and his entry-hazards. I can't decide what the last few pokemon should be. Feraligatr @Muscle band Ability:Torrent EVs: 252 Atk. / 252 Spd. / 4 Hp. Nature:Adamant/Jolly -Waterfall -Ice punch...
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    HG team help.

    I am wanting to make a team that will do well in Pokemon Battle Revolution wi-fi battles. I am willing to do a little bit of EV training if you want to sudgest EV's. I am also willing to breed to get egg moves. I have come up with a few ideas, but I'm not so sure how good they are. I really...
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    I'm trying to help my sis. Need team sudgetions.

    Hello everyone. My sister is going to get pokemon black version and I'm trying to help her with her future team. Hereis her team. I would apriciate any sudgestions. Thx! (by the way these are my movesets and natures and items. But the pokemon are the ones she wants to raise.) Samurott @...
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    I am going to start another HG game once I get done with the one I'm doing right now.

    Pokemon Heart Gold team help. I am wanting to start a new game on my HG version as soon as im done with my current one. Here are a few team members I am thinking about raising along with a few moves for some of them.Also, I don't know much about natures so I didn't post them up. If you know...
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    Future pokemon white team help

    1:Emboar/Blaze/@?/Heat stamp/wild charge/hammer arm/?. 2:Stoutland/Intimidate/@?/Return/crunch/?/?. 3:Simisage/Gluttony/@a stat boosting berry/Seed bomb or energy ball/acrobatics/?/?. 4:Scolipede/poisen point/@?/poisen jab or...