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    G/S/C Rules, FAQ and Help Thread

    Oh well, gave me an excuse to restart I suppose. Thanks for the help.
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    G/S/C Rules, FAQ and Help Thread

    I guess this is for help. My game file seems to be corrupted (Pokemon Gold), and it's not due to an internal battery error. At least, that's what I believe to be true, considering I replaced the battery mid July. While playing Stadium 2 and transferring pokemon from cartridge to cartridge, an...
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    Pokemon Cries

    Aggron. Sounds like a train. I guess it's true what they say, you are what you eat.
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    #037 Vulpix / #038 Ninetales

    Looking for either a DW Timid Vulpix or an UT Shiny Timid Vulpix. Willing to trade any legendary for the former or a shiny Shinx, Bulbasaur, Voltorb, or Squirtle for the latter.
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    PETA parody of BW2

    I actually had more fun playing that game than I thought I would. The ingame references really tied it together well. While it doesn't really phase me, I can see that they put a lot of thought into it. All in all it's a pretty great parody and it spreads their message.
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    #151 Mew

    Offering a used Lv. 52 Naive Mew (Hayley, gen IV) named MEW, with the following moveset: Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Transform, Metronome. Requesting a Timid Lightningrod (New ability, I think) Pichu, preferably with Volt Tackle and lv. 10 or below. I'm willing to throw in a Masterball too if...
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    #172 Pichu / #025 Pikachu / #026 Raichu

    Looking for a Timid Pichu with Volt Tackle, any stats will do. Willing to trade a Mew (lv 52, lowest I've got) for it, as I'm in need of one desperately for my Black 2 journey. If you need specific stats for the mew just PM me. If you're offering, please make sure it's low leveled, at least...
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    #647 Keldeo

    Done, thanks.
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    Your least favorite generation?

    What do you mean? Yeah there aren't any trainers in Victory Road (Apparently Silver scared them all away) but I don't think there were even in the original Gen II Victory Road. It was always a grind, same was as it was in the previous generation. IMO they did a spot on job, although my only...
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    Your least favorite generation?

    GSC > RSE > RBY > BW > DPPt Sinnoh just felt so bland to me, and BW was meh. I liked it but I found myself importing Pokemon from previous generations because I couldn't get used to most of the new ones. GSC may seem a little incomplete, and that's because it was. I can imagine it was a hard...
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Gee, i'm original. Anyways, looking for a shiny 31'd Ditto, preferably Adamant and from Japan. I know that's EXTREMELY farfetched, but i'm just putting it out there. I don't mind if it's cloned but that if it is don't expect a 3 for 1 or anything. I can offer most legendaries, (fairies included)...
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    Favorites Thread: POKEMON

    1. Who’s your favorite STARTER POKEMON? I always loved Cyndaquil ever since i first got Silver, but now i'm leaning towards Mudkip... 2. Who’s your favorite LEGENDARY POKEMON? Rayquaza. He's been my favorite legendary since i first got my hands on Emerald. I don't actually use him anymore but...
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    Who/what introduced you to Pokémon? And what is your greatest passion about Pokémon?

    The anime and the commercials involved with it. I wasn't into Digimon or anything else, just DBZ and Pokemon. I asked my father for Yellow Version and... Here we are today some 10+ years later and still loving it. I think the best thing about Pokemon is that no matter how old you get, you can...
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    Why? You are a bad troll.

    Why? You are a bad troll.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Makes an account: First comment he makes tries to start a flame war. Funny, but i have to agree with Wishing Star. It's not like dogfighting, or any animal fighting where animals actually die. I don't recall PETA getting upset over Pokemon either. It's usually just the church that calls it the...
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    Why do people only pick strong pokemon?

    I pick my pokemon based on their design. Aggron, Flygon, Luxray, they all aren't the BEST pokemon, but if used right they can be really great partners.
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    Playing as the character opposite your gender

    I usually choose guy, and name him after a metal. I'm a big Steel-type fanatic. =D ....But the new male in BW2 looks like he REALLY needs a haircut. Needless to say, i won't be choosing him.
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    Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

    Does anyone still RNG in Gen IV? I've got shinies to trade for a Flawless Pikachu, but i can't seem to find anyone. I know gen IV is a bit behind but i'm really looking for one so i can start my HG playthrough. Is it because it's not a fair trade, or what?
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    Your un-expectedly strong, but under-estimated Pokemon.

    I've tried to use Umbreon, but i can never get it to do a thing against any pokemon that it's attacks are neutral to. Problem with the Eeveelution line is the limited movepool. =/
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    Your un-expectedly strong, but under-estimated Pokemon.

    Flygon is always looked at as the "lesser" of dragons, especially since Garachomp's arrival. I still think it is and looks pretty badass, and with a decent moveset it can really do some damage. Thanks to Flygon i basically swept through half of the Johto region and all of the Kanto, as well as...