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    Favorite teams

    Mine... Groudon Dialga Lugia Darkrai Palkia Ho-Oh
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    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    The book was awesome but when I watched it I found it boring and it dragged out to long.
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    Gender Differences

    hmmm... latias and latios are different
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    Which Legendary Bird Do You Prefer?

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    Best place to train a weak Pokémon?

    Elite 4 Give it an exp. shae and challenge the elite four, you don't have to win and you still get exp. and lots of MONEY.
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    D/P legends

    3 reasons He's WEAK, He's UGLY and He doesn't deserve the title of a LEGENDARY
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    D/P legends

    When you see Palkia at spear pillar he looks like a mexican wrestler.
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    Most epic smeargle movesets

    wowzer!!! xD
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    What pokemon do you think should have a certain gender?

    They should do more of the gender based evolutions like with gardevoir gallade froslass and glalie.
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    Exclusive Move and Ability for new Legendary. Move Name: Blazing Inferno Type: Fire Attack: 200 Accuracy:This Move is certain to hit and can never miss. PP: 5 Description: The user builds up an incredible amount of heat on the first turn and on the second releases a firey explosion at the...
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    Secret Key taken from me.

    Damn... I have all 6 Spin, Heat, Wash, Mow, Frost and Normal
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    Anybody miss the colored game cartridges?

    AHHH They were so awesome. Imagine if they made the cartridges fir HGSS with real gold and silver that would be weird( not like they would though).
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    Practicality of Fossil Pokemon

    Roark says he goes underground to dig up fossils and you even see him there. Also he lives in oreburgh citywhere the fossil ressurection happens so he has good reasons.
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    Why do you like pokemon

    A friend of mine bought one and at the time I didn't care. After a while I got envious and bought one for myself ever since then I've been hooked.
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    What pokemon do you think should have a certain gender?

    There are some pokemon which would be out of place or look ridiculous with a certain gender. I personally think that male Gardevoirs look silly because Gardevoir looks very feminine and appears to wear a dress what do you think?
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    Official Platinum Shiny Discussion; read the first post.

    I caught 2 shiny ralts and their now shiny Gardevoir and Gallade
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    No he's only got 1 Hp
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    The Stupidest Pokemon Animation

    Anime section...
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    Possible sequal?

    Hopefully it would be better