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    What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 6 playthroughs? Any good memories?

    X: Delphox Gallade Vespiquen Aurorus Golurk Blastoise Y: Chesnaught Talonflame Florges Goodra Meowstic (Male) Lapras Alpha Sapphire: Swampert Ninetales Absol Altaria Metagross Froslass
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    The Faults of Gen I

    Psychic types were OP. Lack of strong bug and poison type moves. No post game. Lack of ghost and dragon type Pokemon.
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    The Faults of Gen III

    Too much water overall - Hoenn has many surfing routes and it takes forever to travel to places like Pacifidlog Town. Also, Hoenn has lots of water type Pokemon and the final gym leader in RSE has water types. You'd struggle without a good grass or electric type Pokemon on your team. Lack of...
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    Favourite Sinnoh Gym Leader?

    Candice is my favorite cuz she's very determined and I love ice types.
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    Favourite Unova Gym Leader?

    I like Skyla cuz she's pretty and she lets you ride with on a helicopter with her.
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    Favourite Unova Elite Four Member

    I like Caitlin because she made an appearance in the Battle Frontier in Gen 4. Also I really like Psychic types.
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    Favorite Sinnoh E4 member?

    Bertha cuz she's very friendly and her team is quite challenging. Also, she congrats you for working together with your Pokémon to win after beating her.
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    Best Cities And Towns in Sinnoh?

    Hearthome City is my favorite. It has a cozy feel and it seems like a nice place to live.
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    Favorite R/B/Y location?

    I like Celadon City the most cuz it has a department store, condominiums, and a game corner. Plus you can get a free Eevee! You can even buy stones there to evolve it.
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    What Introduced You to Pokemon?

    My brother introduced me to Pokemon in 2007. I saw him catching Pokemon and it looked very fun, so I got my own version of Diamond.
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    Favorite Hoenn Gym Leader?

    My favorite is Roxanne cuz she's an honors student and graduated from the Trainer's School. I also like Tate and Liza cuz they're super cute and are the first gym leaders to have double battles. I really admire Norman as well cuz it's great to face your dad in the game. Oh, and Flannery looks...
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    Favorite Gen 2 Gym Leader?

    My favorite is Jasmine cuz she makes an appearance in Sinnoh and takes good care of the Ampharos in the lighthouse. She's very bashful yet kind. I also like Morty cuz he's cool and mystical.
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    What feature of ORAS do you like?

    I liked Soaring the most, it's breathtaking to see the Hoenn region from above. Also, I think the Delta Episode is awesome. The Contests in Hoenn were great too.
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    What feature of XY did you like?

    I like many features in Gen 6 like Pokémon Amie, Mega Evolutions, Fairy types, and Trainer Customization. Also, I like that the EXP Share became an item, it helps me with training my team.
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    Favorite Johto Pokémon

    My favorites are Meganium, Furret, Lanturn, Ampharos, Kingdra, Houndoom, Ursaring, Scizor, Miltank, Suicune, Xatu, and Espeon.
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    Favorite Hoenn Pokemon

    My favorites are Swampert, Swellow, Gardevoir, Altaria, Illumise, Masquerain, Flygon, Mawile, Latias, Metagross, Absol, Chimecho, Grumpig, and Walrein.
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    What is your favorite feature of the Gen IV games?

    I like all these features, though my favorite is the Battle Frontier. The battle facilities were fun and challenging, but not as ridiculously hard as the Battle Frontier in Gen 3. Plus the Frontier Brain theme is totally awesome! I also like the Distortion World for its cool angles. The Super...
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    What is your favorite feature of gen 5?

    I honestly don't like many features in Gen 5. The only thing I really loved in Gen 5 that wasn't in previous games is the infinite TM use. Though the Season Cycle and PWT were pretty cool.
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    Any body still playing these games?

    I plan on completing the pokedex in Pearl and Platinum soon. Also, I still train my team and try to beat the Battle Frontier Brains in Platinum.
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    Favorite D/P/Pt Starter

    My favorite is Piplup cuz it's so cute. Also, Empoleon is really cool and has a steel typing.