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    Bkdevil's IV Trade Shop

    Hello, would you be interested in trading 2 for a 6IV Arceus? Someone gave it to me it and I have no use for it Want:Charmander Ability: Any Nature: Timid IVs: 31/X/31/31/31/31 Gender: Male Egg Moves: Ancient Power, Dragon Pulse Pokeball: Pokeball Want: Phantump Ability: Harvest...
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Hello I'm looking for a shiny 4IV Timburr (My favorite pokemon) preferably with drain punch and Mach punch and the iron fist ability. I'm willing to trade my shiny Dialga, Palkia, or giratina. I also have legit arceus, Deoxys, and lugia. Can also offer a charizardite X. Please PM me if you are...
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    Elena's IV Bred + Hidden Ability Trade Shop!

    Forum name: Benacus Interested in: Togepi Serene Grace Timid Nasty Plot 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Nickname: Diamond Offering: Ability Capsule Friend code + IGN: 0705-2732-3655 + Ben
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    #532 Timburr / #533 Gurdurr / #534 Cokeldurr

    Hey I'm looking for an UT Adamant Timburr with guts, Mach and Drain Punch. PM me if you can help I have a EV'd Haxorus, Zoroark, Gengar, and a UT Jolly Terrakion I'll trade
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    #207 Gligar / #472 Gliscor

    I'm looking for a poison heal gligar either female or UT Impish please PM me if you can help
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    #258 Mudkip / #259 Marshtomp / #260 Swampert

    I'm looking for a adamant mudkip, I have charmanders if anybody wants to trade PM me
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    #092 Gastly / #093 Haunter / #094 Gengar

    I'm looking for a UT timid gastly but ill take any gastly message me with what you're looking for in return
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    #004 Charmander / #005 Charmeleon / #006 Charizard

    I have a naive charmander that ill trade for an adamant or jolly UT axew with mold breaker
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    #610 Axew / #611 Fraxure / #612 Haxorus

    Hi I'm looking for an adamant or jolly UT axes with mold breaker. I have an adamant acre with rivalry that just hatched I'm willing to trade. PM me if you're interested or can help
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    My first gen 5 team

    This is my first 5th gen team and I think it's alright but I need some input on some things I might want to change :571: Zoroark @ Choice Scarf Trait: Illusion EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 HP Hasty Nature - Night Daze - Flamethrower - Focus Blast - U-turn This is my starter...
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    Team Building Help Thread

    Apologies about my last post. My current competition team is Zoroark @ Choice Scarf Naive Illusion 4 atk/ 252 spatk/ 252 spd Night Daze Flamethrower Focus Blast U-Turn My starter I use to get a cheap hit off and get out Salamence @ life orb Naive Intimidate 24 atk/ 232 spAtk/ 252 spd Dragon...
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    Team Building Help Thread

    My current team is Salamence, Life Orb, Naive, Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Flamethrower Cofagrigus, Chesto Berry, Bold, Will-O-Wisp, Hex, Calm Mind, Rest Togekiss, Leftovers, Serene Grace, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Roost, Thunder Wave Zoroark, Expert Belt, Night Daze, Focus Blast...
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    #175 Togepi / #176 Togetic / #468 Togekiss

    I used to have a awesome Togekiss on my Diamond but I lost the game :/ I'd like to have a bold nature UT togepi with serene grace. I'll be willing to trade a porygon