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    The most popular facility

    i chose the dome because i like the tournament thing
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    random team basis

    EDIT: oh, saw one b4 yours first. Please, just ONE SPECIFIC POKEMON uugh...thats exactly what i always do. Someone, please just say a random pokemon! (Though i still appreciate all previous contributes)
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    random team basis

    i have, but i dont want a whole team. just one pokemon, and i might make a whole team of 'em, or something.
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    random team basis

    im bored, so is there any random (but not useless) pokemon that you good people think i should base my team around (like a theme) thank you in advance to anyone contributes
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    The Official Cloning in Emerald Thread

    well, after you have cloned 1, you can clone 2, then 4, then 5 at a time
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    team rating

    i dodnt see the official rate my team thread, so im just posting this here (if it still exist but just isnt stickied, im sorry) I've had a mew, and now that i have perfected my cloning, i was thinking of using it. (lol, i cloned mew) anyway, i want to get rid of the ludicolo in my team that...
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    Are You Picky on Genders??

    i only use males because i teach alot of tms to my pokemon, and i lick to be able to breed it on to futer lines of pokemon. An excepion would be pokemon like latias, who i love anyway <3
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    Don't you just love it when.....

    ...your right by the stairs and see that keckleon has a store on the floor so you use that orb that brings all the items to you, you get some good ones and flee without paying or dying. (actually happened to me once, thank you X-ray specks! :) )
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    Ever notice some impossible things NPC's do?

    this reminds me that in mysterie dungeon, groudon had over 4 moves when fighting him
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    GBA Micro and Trading

    ok, someone at school stole my old GBA (i do have a DS, but it cant use trading) and my copy of emerald. im freaking ****** cause of that, and i was considering getting a micro to replace it if it wasnt at the lost and foud (i doubt it will be :( ). The thing is, can a micro use the cable link...
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    The R/S/E Scramble Challenge!!!

    mystical espeon, if your still getting suggestions, how about an absol, or a Zangoose (my brother thinks his pwns)
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    it says that in a recent news story profesor Birtch has murdered a loving wife and mother of one in LITTLEROOT town
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    I noticed something at the Battle Factory...

    i thought he used articuno in the anime. hey, how come ash always gets the gold symbol, why doesnt he have to win twice?
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    The Make Your Own Fake Glitch Thread!

    ok, here's mine: get your trainer 400 "soda pops" and lace them with crushed rare candies. now every pokemon you find, even your old ones, will be shiny!
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    Why cant i release my wurmple?

    second...aahhh...Probably Marril, and then Shroomish. Also, yes! I got rid of it! thx again for the help, sort-a!
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    Why cant i release my wurmple?

    oh...w/e, i just caught a tailow...about to see if i can get rid of wurmple (btw, thx 4 the help, every1)
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    Why cant i release my wurmple?

    but what about the shroomish and marril i released? also, cool avatar do you mean that they would be worried about me because i dont have any badges, and they dont want me having too few?
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    Why cant i release my wurmple?

    really? is that only in emerald? it never happened in my FR. But, wait...It doesnt know any HM's or anything. im trying to catch a male taillow now, because i want one (male for future breeding) and i think it might have to do with being able to double battle.