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    What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

    Im in my mid 20's and have been playing Pokemon since '96. My oldest brother, 7 years older, once told me i was too old and a loser. It honestly didn't affect me. Sure it was rude, but my fascination with Pokemon doesn't influence me to do drugs, or any other deviant thing. Since my brother...
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    Which Games Have Your Favourite...

    Pokémon: the best Pokemon in the franchise has to be from Gen 3, because pokemon design started to get a bit weird…especially for gen 5 and 6 Starters: best starters, hands down. Gen 1, although Gen 3 gives 1 a run for it’s money… lets face it. Charizard can annihilate Sceptile and...
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    Today I realized that there are no good reasons to play any of the GBA Pokemon games.

    "to each his own." I still have all of my old games, so that's the reason i didn't bother getting OR/AS and never was a fan of XY. I do however, enjoy Pokemon Sun. &the VC games make it possible to deposit the original 150 into my current game. So all in all, everyone will play what they want...
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    The "genwunner" situation

    interesting thread. I myself would be considered a "genwunner" because I've been playing since '96. The way i understand "genwunner" to mean, is the generation you started playing pokemon. I know there are a lot of biases, and very strong point of views, but lets be clear, every gen has its...
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    The Pokédex Completion Thread

    I've been playing since 96. and so far I've completed gen 1, 2, 3, and 4 dex. I took a break after gen 5. since the release of gen 5 I've played casually. for gen 7 im 40 away of completing that dex. its just that darn GTS people ask for ridiculous trades lol
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    OMG!!! i have four exams, 2 (2-3 pg) essays, and a presentation.... second year in college, after a LONG break. wish me luck fam
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    Favourite RSE Gym Leader

    Winona... she humiliated my team with her altaria.. she really made me grind.. i believe my team at that time was blaziken crobat zigzagoon(hms and pick up) kadabra & machoke
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    Fishing For Feebas - Your Experiences

    took an hour to find my feebas. things needed surf, super rod, &waterfall (optional). route 119 and fish on every tile for 3-5 times each then move to the next tile..(i found left to right then upwards right to left was more fitting to me but to each their own).. i recommend catching a female...
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    3rd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

    recently bought a ds lite so i can play my 4th gen games to complete the nat-dex.... so you know what comes next! MIGRATING... really migration was just an excuse to start playing emerald again.... the nostalgia. luckily i kept my gba sp and gba and link cable so i have emerald in my ds lite...