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    If pokemon were real, what pokemon would be in your area?

    pidgeys, starly's, bidoofs, sentret.. I live on a farm, so maybe Miltanks and Mareeps. We live near some creeks so lotads, maybe mudkips, magikarp, barboach, ...
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    The dumbest thing you did when you were new to pokemon

    when I met a shiny pkmn, I thought it was hacked, so I restarted (on silver!!) I always killed the red gyarados, what would happen if he bugged my game !!! On red, I used a masterball on a "rare" dewgong, I accidently killed articuno, I only trained my starter, I only caught waters.
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    your first shiny pokemon!

    I was once looking for a relicanth in sapphire, but I found a shiny Clamperl. I traded it with a friend, so I could get a shiny Gorebyss, but he didn't give it back. Later that week I had a shiny Jigglypuff out an egg. On Pearl i had a shiny hitmonchan, but I traded it.
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    New Giratina Form?

    I think, with this annoincement , that there will be an new game like D/P, but with this new form in it
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    Best Eeveelution

    i've chosen vaporeon. I just like it's movements in the game. But Umbreon and glaceon are just not that close to vaporeon.
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    If they did a remake of gold/silver/crystal....

    Maybe something that's like Ho-oh and Lugia Rainbow Gold Ocean Silver
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    Pokémon Nicknames

    Pokémon Nicknames Do you give your pokémon a nickname ? I want to give my Manaphy the name Bubbles and my Piplup Pengu. My Latias is called Artemis. Lunatone => Moonray etc...
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    The Greatest Legendarys!

    Kanto: Mew Jotho: Lugia Hoenn: Kyogre Sinnoh: Manaphy (Just look at it)
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    If you were a gym leader..

    I'd love to be a Water pokémon Gymleader. I'd like to have a Gym in a swampy region and my gym would also be in a swampy style. With a bridge which is hided under vines. And in the middle a clean pool where I and my pokémon can swim. I would have this pokémon : - Lapras - Swampert -...
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    Best of all

    Manaphy. I just love that pokemon. It has good base stats and he is a Water-type. Absolutly Manaphy ;490;
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    If all of the legendaries met and a battled, who do people think would be victorious?

    Maybe Celebi and Dialga would go further in time and then battle eachother. Dialga wouls win, but it's not for sure ... :s
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    What was your first shiny?

    On sapphire I caught a shiny Clamperl which I traded with a friend to become a shiny Gorebyss. When I saw it evolving at my friend's game, he found it so cool, he didn't trade it back :( But later I wanted an Igglybuf and I caught 2 Jigglypuf and when the egg hatched, it was a shiny Igglybuf :p...
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    Serebiiforums' Most Favorite Cry ~~!

    I vote again for Espeon. It's still my favourite sound and I keep enjoying it.
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    Cutest, Ugliest Pokemon

    Cutest = Eevee + evolutions (Espeon), Milotic, Mew, Manaphy, Shaymin, Jirachi, Miltank, Blissey Ugliest = Probopass !!
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    If all of the legendaries met and a battled, who do people think would be victorious?

    I hope Manaphy would win, because all the life starts at the sea and ends in the sea. The combined force of Manaphy and Kyogre would be cool. But at the other hand Darkrai controls the night and can put pokémon asleep and then kills them in their sleep. Combined with Giratina they would destroy...
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    Serebiiforums' Most Favorite Cry ~~!

    Espeon again :p Next time I'll vote for Gardevoir. That sound is also relaxing
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    Serebiiforums' Most Favorite Cry ~~!

    Espeon has a very cool sound and Manapy's sound is also fine
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    GOOD type combinations for the 5th gen

    I never saw a pokémon with bug/psychic :p Must be cool, a levitating caterpillar. Or maybe another Butterfly. Wath also would be nice is a pokémon with dark/steel.
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    What Pokemon would you be if the hole world were the same, but we were Pokemon?

    I would like to be Espeon or Haunter. Espeon is a pretty nice pokémon and Haunter is really funny.
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    Your Personal Best

    I really like my Kyogre, It has a high sp. atk stat and sp. def and a relaxed nature which his def is better. ability : Drizzle attacks : Surf Thunder Ice Beam Water spout Drizzle makes his water attacks much better and thunder a 100% accuracy. Ice...