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    LF: Kyogre timid/modest gen VII

    Pansear and Pansage yes, I can breed them for you (5IVS, no att, some egg moves if you need). Panspour, sorry but I can't help. Edit: No, lv 60 and modest would be perfect.
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    LF: Kyogre timid/modest gen VII

    As said in the title, I look for a Kyogre gen VII, modest or timid. I need it for VGC (I missed the event this summer unfortunately). I can offer something like: EU code for Zeraora event shiny Zygarde (the one of this year, adamant or jolly) shiny Barbacle shiny Drapion shiny Yanmega shiny...
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    Which starter did you choose in each generation?

    Gen I (Pokemon Yellow: Pikachu) As I didn't played red and blue, I didn't have to choose. It would have been extremely difficult, but probably Bulbasaur would have been the chosen one. Gen II Pokemon Gold: Totodile Pokemon Crystal: Cyndaquill Gen III Pokemon Ruby: Torchic I made...
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    ---------- Hi, I'm so sorry for the late response, I got horribly distracted from Harvey, and am...

    ---------- Hi, I'm so sorry for the late response, I got horribly distracted from Harvey, and am just now playing again. I'd really love to trade with you if I'm not too late. ---------- ---------- I'm looking for HA Swinub and Cranidos! Offering various high IV pokemon! (Message for...
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    First of all, compliments to everyone for your recent shinies! I tried to breed a shiny Hawlucha, but I gave up momentarly after about 1500 eggs. I tried with Stufful and it arrived in about 200. I love him: it's 5 IV (missing Sp. Atk) and I'll try to use him in double battles. I don't like...
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    Hidden Ability Trading Thread

    Hi, I'm looking for a hidden ability Tyrunt/Tyrantrum. I can offer various 6 IV pokemon or, well, ask me what you like. ALREADY FOUND IT
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Yesterday I got my Shuckle shiny with HA in about 150 eggs (and today the wonder trade gave me a shiny Shuckle sturdy). Now I'm working to get Hawlucha, I hatched about 150 eggs today.
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    Probably the most stupid thing I did was training my Growlithe to level 100 in Pokemon gold. I didn't know that he evolved using the fire stone, so I trained him hoping in its evolution. Only when he was at lv 100 someone explained to me that I needed the stone.
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    Hi, I'm Pierluigi from Italy and I'm 25 years old. I loved pokemon when I was a kid, but then the passion stopped. Now it's a year that I begun to play the videogames again and I begun to study everything about them (how to play competitive, how to breed good pokemon, how to catch shiny...
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    Pokemania memories.

    I'm born in 1992 and I remember I loved them. I played to Pokemon gold/silver with my friends (at school we were divided in two teams... I remember my Snorlax was unbeatable. Thinking at it now, it was terrible, but not as terrible as my friend's pokemon). I had a lot of pokemon cards too, but I...
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    What was your reaction to your first shiny?

    My first was a Kakuna, catched in the bug catching contest in Pokemon Gold. I begun to search for shinys only in Pokemon Y, and there the first I cought was a Ditto. My best shiny is an Entei, catched in Alpha Sapphire (only lucky, I was looking for one with good IVs, but I had to catch that...