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    Half sweep, Half Batton Pass

    You'll have a hard time handling Starmie. Also, a spinner would be quite nice, since 4 of your pokés (3, if you don't care about Ninjask after his first pass) are weak to SR. But of course that does depend on whether you will be switching or not, which maybe isn't the case since you don't have...
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    Community POTW #48

    Torkoal really is crap. I like him, but he's crap. Great defense, and... Well, "okay" attacking stats. But he actually has quite the movepool. A wide range of support moves, but stats that won't let him utilize them too well. And not to forget, a bad typing for a defensive pokémon, with SR...
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    Community POTW #46

    Heh, no fan of Reno? But on to Escavalier... Pretty cool looking. Great attack, good defenses. Speed most usable on TR teams (maybe worth going with Brave/0 IV Speed even if not on a TR team, to counter opposing TR teams). Shallow movepool. EXTREMELY boring. Swarm is an okay ability, a...
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    Priority Team

    But having Flamethrower would really help against Skarmory. It's not like he's wasting EVs, since he's running some for Dragon Pulse anyway.
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    Community POTW #43

    Oh, Cofagrigus... I like him. Great defense, good special defense, okay special attack and a disappointing HP stat. Outclassed by Jellicent and Dusclops, as a defensive ghost, but he has a niche with his unique ability. His only "good" recovery move is Rest, and those two turns of sleeping...