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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    do you think that Dawn appears in XYZ saga? I still have my hopes for a Dawn cameo in Snowbelle City it would be perfect and it could make sense depending on what happens after all the Team Flare stuff resolves maybe we could see bothe Iris and Dawn but Dawn is who I am still hoping for even...
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    December 11: XY052 - Ninja Art Showdown! Frogadier VS Barbaracle!!

    WATER CURSE IS FINALLY BROKEN -does a dance- now give Ash a mega Sceptile that is all. Also, Sanpei coming back is great! With Greninja no less. (Now if we could only get Millie back)
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    September 4: XY042 - Team Battle! Competing for the Hall of Fame!

    The preview makes it look like it will be a Pikachu on 3 triple tag battle... In that blurb everyone was standing still as Pikachu ran through 3 strong moves...
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    September 25: XY044 - Shalour Gym Match! Pikachu VS Mega Lucario!!

    Agreed. Except Pikachu vs. mega Luca shoule be exciting
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    Hey, how you been? I have been fine this month. I am excited because this weekend is a rather...

    Hey, how you been? I have been fine this month. I am excited because this weekend is a rather large regional anime convention in my hometown and I an going.
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    Battles in the Sky! (839)

    Not everyone have God mod final evos like Trip did so Flame Charge spam worked also, Fletchinder knew its fighting style and flying patterns so it cowered behind mountains. Also, pfffffft hahaahah Smogonbird it clearly didnt have Gale Wings.
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    Ahoy stranger.

    Ahoy stranger.
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    Welcome to the thread. Always nice to see a new face. So what made a Pearlshipper?
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    -brofist- wassup bro

    -brofist- wassup bro
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    How will Ash manage a win against Korrina?

    I think that Hawlucha and Fletchinder will play large roles against Korrina especially since Fletchinder will prolly learn Nitro charge and Hawlucha is Buizel 2.0 it looks like im not expecting anything from Pikachu or Froakie they had there shine.Time for Fletchinder to get some...
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    If it weren't for your OTPs, what would you ship?

    My OTP is Pearl but if it didnt exist then prolly: PEARLSHIPPING : Advanceshipping for Ash and Cavalier for Dawn OldRival : N/A Contest: Advance for May and Drew x Solidad Wishful : Sommeliershipping for Cilan Negai for Iris Geekchic : None at the moment. Orangeshipping : N/A...
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    Upcoming episodes: Kalos Summer Camp, Xerneas, VS Korrina

    I liked the summer camp arc in DP but then again i watched DP Raw... I personally can't wait to see those three i want Trevor to bond with Clemont and Tierno to annoy Serena with his constant dancing. Shauna would be cool as just a simple rival without the Aoi like crush or "love rival" as they...
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    The Aura Storm! (835)

    There are no mention of Ash's aura at all. Hasn't been so far in this arc... This episode was alright i liked beserk Lucario and Gurukin was awesome lol yelling at Corni and scaring everyone. I like how Ash encourages Corni he really has matured if he is helping the gym leader he has to defeat...
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    XY Kalos League

    Im sorry Starraptor is much better than Unfezant and if i was stuck with a Unova poke i would use Krookodile or palipatoad that frog needs more respect...
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    XY's pace

    The only remake i see coming possibly after gen 3's is another Gen 1 remake... It would be a giant cash cow because Gen 1 and Gen 3 are most peoples entry generations. Also with AS/OR now Gen 1 is the only game not to experience the Physical/Special split brought to us in Gen 4. Since I dont...
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    if the anime does end, how will it end?

    My ending theory is Ash wins the league battles the Champion league and when he gets ready to battle the champion Ash realizes he has on a hood once they call out there Pokemon the champion removes his hood to reveal it's his dad! Dun dun dunnnnn then Ash said Dad!? And screen goes to black...
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    New ending theme: "Peacsmile!" by J☆Dee'Z with Pikachu (premieres May 29th)

    Pokemon loves fan service especially with Serena....she doesn't do anything else atm. I take nothing from it. Endings always have the girls in swimsuits
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    In a word, no. Dawn wouldn't be jealous because she is not the envious type. She would feel some kind of way about and would just ask Ash whats up. Dawn isn't Serena or Misty they would/have gotten Jealous. Envy is too OoC for Dawn. She also wouldn't confront Serena she wouod sooner confront Ash...
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    Its all good i barely hop on Serebii myself now. How you been?

    Its all good i barely hop on Serebii myself now. How you been?
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    Why 'allo thar

    Why 'allo thar