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    Absolute Worst Anime of All Time

    Sorry for overused pic but it had to be done.
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    Absolute Worst Anime of All Time

    Bawww. :< Sorry, you probably get that a lot. By the way mods I'LL STAY ON TOPIK NAO
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    Most Pointless Manga Ever

    Naruto Post timeskip. It was okay beforehand sure, but after that, well, everything is like an ***-pull.
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    Most Pointless Manga Ever

    Naruto Post timeskip. It was okay beforehand sure, but after that, well, everything is like an ***-pull.
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    Pokemon DP Adventure!

    I thought it was just something boring at first, but afterwards it was pretty cool. Cyrus is creepy :<
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    What your favorite manga and why?

    I don't friggn know why but it might just be the original Yu-Gi-Oh one because it was ridiculously weird, creepy, and different. I just liked it okay? EDIT: And also IT'S SLOWLY COMING THIS WAY I think I might like creepy mangas most.
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    Videogame Mangas

    Late but still ;201-w;;201-h;;201-a;;201-t; Caps lock isn't cruise control for cool, ;201-u;;201-n;;201-o;;201-w;;201-n; is. Anyway, I like the Megaman/Rockman ones and of course Pokemon, and all of the LoZ ones are cool also, but Kirby is the best hands friggn down.
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    Kirby manga coming to the US

    OH YEAH I love that manga. I couldn't find any translations anywhere. Whoopwhoop
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    Crazy Restaurant Experiences V(I don't know I lost count)

    Down here the few sapient aquatic creatures usually just gather around and eat shrimp till there's nothing more left, but one day there were no shrimp in our normal area, so then we spread out looking for some desperately, but it turns out they were already eaten by Manta. Again. That *******.
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    Atheism is "cool"

    Oh geez. That was pretty funny. It doesn't have anything to do with being cool or that stuff, all it has to do with is your decision on life. It's deep, not as deep as my ocean, but deep. So I won't go into it, I'll I'm gonna do is laugh.
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    Absolute Worst Anime of All Time

    Oooh. I still didn't like Beyblade. Bakugan sucks, but I like its merchandising. By the way...your username is what I think it is, right?
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    Digimon discussion - Digimon Ghost Game now available on Crunchyroll

    Frontier tried something new but kinda failed at it :V IMO that is. Savers is pretty col guy, eh tries to appeal to all ages and doesn't afraid of anything. [It was still decent]
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    Favorite Yugioh Hero

    Yugi, well, he was the first and that DAMN HAIR everyone knows so yeah FTW. Jaden/Judai, I like him better in the manga, later in the anime he's such an emo***. For some reason I like it. Yusei, badass, so yeah. Hard to decide. Yami Yugi and Yusei because in the dub they're voiced...
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    Absolute Worst Anime of All Time

    The execution is fine, but just the main theme is rather bad. I agree with Beyblade and Bakugan, but what Yugioh in particular? There's quite a bit.
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    Actually we're quite nice o:

    Actually we're quite nice o:
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    I would have ROFL'ed but I've seen too many of these so instead I just loled a little.