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    My Drawings

    Very nice. I like that you make up your own poses and stuff- you don't directly copy stuff, as far as I can tell. That's the best (and fastest) way to improve. I liked the Sawsbuck one the most.
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    A blow to the boobs doesn't hurt much at all. And men: believe me. When done right, it hurts like JESUS to be hit down there for us, too. My boyfriend has kneed me in the groin, twice, with astounding accuracy. Remember, we have a sensitive bit down there, too. I could not walk for the rest of...
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    Weightlifting/Bodybuilding/Buff & Stuff Discussion

    Sure did! Went to 8 different high schools, and I've lived in about 20 different states. Each has its pros and cons, but my least favorite is Florida, so far. Favorite: Denver, CO, Oregon, and PA (because it's pretty). To make this not entirely off-topic, I enjoy weight lifting, too. But I feel...
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    Weightlifting/Bodybuilding/Buff & Stuff Discussion

    Nice! Hard to find stuff like that here. And Pkmn Breeder Jack: This is true- though all I ever eat is my own awful cooking, 'cause I'm stingy.
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    Weightlifting/Bodybuilding/Buff & Stuff Discussion

    I used to run three miles a day, six days a week back in California (I'm a girl). It was AWESOME. And I ate ridiculously healthy (no red meat, no soda, controlled sugars). Never felt better in my life. Then I moved to Oregon, where the humidity made it harder to jog- so instead, I took all-day...
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    Song of the Small - OT Journey 'Fic Experiment - Rated G, for now

    Not exactly emulating? I wonder if parody authors get this same question. It's more like a writing exercise. I've actually never written a Pokemon 'fic which started with the 'typical' opening, despite writing them since I was about 9. So I'm trying a sort of experiment (obviously, the opening...
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    Over-used Pokemon in fanfics

    I was using rare in the example "nobody wants this Pokemon! Take it!"- not the injured Pokemon example- because often, that situation involves an abandoned or recently repaired Pokemon- not necessarily hurt. In which case, yes, it is very different. It's often an awful excuse to give a trainer a...
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    Over-used Pokemon in fanfics

    Most of those are the idiotic methods in which people give their characters overused Pokemon. Plus, one of those didn't even have anything to do with rare Pokemon. I was trying to give advice to aspiring authors. I suppose I'll go back and edit that. However, these things would be far less...
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    Over-used Pokemon in fanfics

    Haha, I think you were referencing me, Clare. And I stick to my guns! Yes, if there is a plot-important reason that the starter Pokemon needs to be a Charmander, then go for it. But 99% of the time I feel that it just reflects the author's immaturity (I want my trainer to have this super...
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    Song of the Small - OT Journey 'Fic Experiment - Rated G, for now

    3D992: Thank you! Fixed. Damn, I tried not to make it jumpy. I'll try to make it more cohesive. Breezy: Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was hoping for. And ugh! I did not mean to make Matha seem perfect at all. In fact, she is supposed to be very cold and intimidating. Or stoic and...
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    Hello! Thanks for the message, I'm flattered. I like adventure 'fics with original characters. I...

    Hello! Thanks for the message, I'm flattered. I like adventure 'fics with original characters. I wish I were more interested in the game characters, but eh... And I don't watch the show, alas. Pretty much any good, rollicking adventure with bearable characters and decent imagery. Why do you ask?
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    Song of the Small - OT Journey 'Fic Experiment - Rated G, for now

    Welcome. I'm Estuary, and I've been reading Pokemon 'fics for nearly a decade now. I only read OT (Original Trainer) 'fics, and I've noticed that good ones seem in short supply. The genre is riddled with cliches. This is an experiment. I would love feedback. First part is smaller than the...
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    strangest eating expierence

    Tripe. Dear God, tripe. Most disgusting thing I have ever had. Egh. Blegh. Nasty, rubbery disgustingness. It's cow stomach, for those of you who don't know. But being from a Peruvian family, where eating guinea pig and monkey brains isn't out of the ordinary, there isn't much that phases...
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    SHOPPING. This is important.

    I buy food that's on sale. My rent is 500. My bills are less than $50. That's all. I'm 21 and I have never, ever bought clothes for myself. Ever. Growing up in poverty will do that to you. On the other hand, I have 5k in the bank. Woo! I find people who burn through their paychecks very...
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    Fainting and Passing Out

    I'm anemic (my blood pressure is very low, and my body temperature is 96 degrees Fahrenheit), so I've fainted a few times. It's more puzzling than anything to wake up in the middle of doing something.
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    Relationships: Is cheating forgivable?

    PFFF, one way ticket to singledom. And anyone who's stupid enough to get so drunk that they'd do something like that is lame in my book, anyway.
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    It's breakfast time! (and other food eating hours)

    I have a really rich fancy uncle from England who ate the best oatmeal I have ever had, if you put honey in it. AMAZING. I dont' even like oatmeal very much. That's probably my favorite. And I like homemade breakfast burritos.
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    Swearing to me indicates a lack of self-control, and I'm not fond of it. I use it rarely for comedic purposes with friends, but that's all. And also when I stub my toe.
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    Haa, you guys are sweet. Man, I'm just waiting for the day they come out with a cure..
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    Do you want to get married?

    I've been living with my darlin' for two years, so we're pretty much married, but it's not 'official'. We're not religious, so it doesn't really matter. The question itself is odd, because not everyone has found someone they'd like to marry- so of course they wouldn't want to.