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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    I think the fact that your own sexual preference really has no effect on other people should be sufficient to say that the decision should be your own. Sure, gay people shouldn't be allowed to sexually-harass people, just as heterosexual people shouldn't be allowed to do the same, the same thing...
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    Would you like to live forever? Yes! Why wouldn't I?

    My first impulse would be to say yes, however there are plenty of terrible implications both for me, and the rest of the universe if I truly got my wish. Terrible Implications Affecting Me Life would begin to feel futile and pointless, as you'd repeatedly make friends, see them die, make new...
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    403 Forbidden Errors

    You cannot bypass 403 Forbidden errors, at least not legally. A 403-Forbidden error means that the page you are trying to access either requires a password (if it prompts you to enter one), or simply restricted. When no password prompt appears, that usually indicates that the folder on the...
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    Best Custom Gaming Desktop

    It's really hard to reccomend a complete build for you, but I highly advise you go for a Phenom 2 Quad Core CPU. They're really cheap, but do the job really well. Intel CPUs tend to squeeze out a little more performance in CPU-intensive tasks such as video conversion, but you pay quite a bit...
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    Which arc of Pokemon did you like Ash Ketchum the most?

    Johto. Veronica Taylor took most of the Kanto season to settle into her "Ash-voice" (he sounded really nasally for quite a while), by the end Johto she had pretty much perfected her voice for Ash, with a correct balance between a mature and child-like voice. Character wise, I liked Kanto Ash in...
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    Charizard in Kanto

    Charmeleon/Charizard acted like jerks because the writers wanted to tie the anime into the games, in which one needs a sufficient level of badges (and hence experience) for a powerful Pokemon to obey you. It really was half-assed, just like all attempts to tie the anime to the games, since the...
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    Why are you still watching Pokemon?

    I watch the show primarily for nostalgia's sake. If I hadn't watched it when I was a kid, I definitely wouldn't be watching it today. It brings back a lot of good memories, and since I can tolerate the shows juvenile style, I can enjoy it. It probably stems from the fact that I was a...
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    How disappointed would you be if the Pokemon Anime ended?

    If the the series finished with a good deal of closure, yet leaving some elements of the plot open for the imagination (just as any show should), I'd be happy to see it end. If the series goes on and on forever, it will get more and more repetitive, until finally I'll simply stop enjoying it. It...
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    Which song from the anime has a special meaning to you?

    The Pokemon Theme (aka Indigo Opening Theme) has the most meaning for me. It always brings up a lot of nostalgia for me, and it pretty much encompasses everything that made me love the show. It would be difficult not to feel inspired by such a powerful theme, I'd go as far as saying that you'd...
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    Do you think Pokemon is the most popular show ever made?

    The Pokemon anime is far from being the most popular show ever made. Perhaps one of the most popular children's shows, but the fanbase is restricted to almost exclusively children, and most grow out of it. I'd say Survivor is probably the most popular show ever made (though I personally dislike...
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    What gets on your nerves the most about Pokemon?

    I personally dislike how Game Freak/Nintendo have stopped being innovative with the series, I honestly haven't gotten seriously excited about a new Pokemon game since Emerald. The strict adherence to the formula is really getting tiresome. I still like the games, but they've lost a lot of the...
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    Pikachu is not a mouse!

    Canon wise Pikachu are based off of mice. However, there is a remarkable resemblance to Pika's, especially considering their name.
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    Sending GBA cart by post?

    There is virtually no chance that the GBA cart would be damaged in the mail, since in order to break it (due to it being so light, yet fairly durable) you'd have to really hammer it. The fact that it's in bubblewrap makes the chances of damage even lower. The risk of a package going missing in...
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    What can I do to my wired "Internet Connection".

    You can usually buy router's pretty cheap, however there's a bit of technical configuration involved which may be over your head if you're not technically inclined. You have to do stuff like set up separate IP subnets, configure wireless security, etc, etc. Oh come on, if the internet is...
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    Possibly a Perfect Fake Copy...

    I wouldn't say "don't buy old games off of eBay", however I do think that you should practice careful consideration before doing so. For example, if a seller is only selling one copy of the game (eBay will state if more than one is available for purchase), the pictures aren't stock photos but...
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    Do not get into programming because you want to make a specific game. Are you truly interested in programming, or do you just wish there was a Pokemon game the way you like it? Programming is not an easy thing to do, it will take you at least a couple of years before you're at the stage where...
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    Computer porting

    I think you're talking about "Port Forwarding", which is something you have to do on your router. Unfortunately, unless you have a really common router, you'll have to do a bit of digging on Google to find the instructions, since how to forward ports varies between routers.
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    Is Pokemon really aimed just for Children?

    You're 13?! Wow, how do you even remember the good ol' days when you were 12?
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    Is Pokemon really aimed just for Children?

    The anime is marketed for children, and aside from people who have nostalgic connections to the franchise (myself included), almost all of it's audience is made up of children. I'd say 90% of the time the humor is extremely corny, and the plot ridiculously simple (walk to a gym, help random...
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    I use to think Palkia was the strongest pokemon ever

    Oh god Mewtwo in RS. Crazy stats AND psychic (for those that don't know, Psychic pokemon were really OP back in the day).