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    Metroid. Basic platformer or Run&Gun-platformer?

    Metroid is easily it's own thing. It's an action game, but it involves platforming, shooting, exploring, and non-linear adventures. Kid Icarus is the same, although that's something different, so I won't get into that. Metroid isn't either just a "basic" platformer nor is it a run & gun...
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    Samus Aran V.S. Master Cheif!

    While I prefer Samus Aran and the Metroid series over the Halo series, I think that the both of them are badasses. But Master Chief is the bigger one, in my opinion.
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    First decent banner.

    That's pretty good. The render on the clouds to the right could use some work--such as better opacity or less realistic clouds. Otherwise, that's all I'm going to say, since I'm sure that some other soul will C & C your banner.
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    For Better or Worse

    Just DeviantArt. I can get links to other sites, but I don't know enough about them to navigate and find brushes to download, so I just don't use sites other than DeviantArt, though I might explore a bit but never find anything.
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    For Better or Worse

    I'm honestly starting to loose my motivation in making graphics (though I'm gaining some in writing). But here are three overly brushed wallpapers I've made so far. I don't focus on images in them (or at least not yet). Imagination Garden of Flowers Grudge of Abstract
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    North and South

    Absolute Bull****. There also seems to be this small part of the country that says "roof," whereas this larger area is adapted to saying "ruff." Just don't ask me the exact areas.
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    Last book you read and rate it.

    Brisingr - 7.5/10 The book was insanely large and dragged a lot in the middle, but it kept the action, excitement, and unexpected twists up. The ending was somewhat heartbreaking but good and just leaves fans wanting more.
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    The hardest game you've ever played

    -The Legend of Zelda (I never got past the fourth or fifth dungeon of the second quest) -Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (I never defeated the first dungeon) -Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (Just insane when it comes to the bosses)
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    what game(s) do you want remade?

    I would for these three games to be remade, so that I don't have to go through the trouble of having to get them for the Gameboy Color. -The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons -The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
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    Rate User Title of the Previous User

    Sorry to burst your fun, but you're playing the wrong game. 6/10 No Comment on your User Title.
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    WBC 19 Poll

    I cast my three votes upon Mela, Metamence, and klnothincomin.
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    4/10 The image doesn't represent any excitement to the signature.
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    For Better or Worse

    Thanks. I didn't like the first "Gradient Wings" banner, but I do the second. The first banner is intended to be colorful without overdoing it. Anyway, new banners, whee...the first is a request from the only requester in my shop (who never even uses the images); the second image is Metal...
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    Artisan's Corner

    Growlachu: Your avatar is done. Blue didn't suit it so I just went with yellow.
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    Favourite Sequel?

    The sequel to Ocarina of Time: Majora's Mask.
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    Skiyomi's Avatars/Banners/Wallpapers

    Oh, dear Lord. That is too many avatars. Overall, they all look very nice, though one of my gripes is the number of times a grudge-y background is used--while it works for something like evil or despair, I see it used on other avatars--such as Link or seemingly random cartoons. But you still...
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    For Better or Worse

    Thanks; I love wolves and when I had chosen that image to use, I decided to make a vertical banner out of it because of the wolf's stance. The "It's a Wonderful World" banner is a "The World Ends With You" banner; I'm not that particularly fond of it, since during the time it was made, every...
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    WBC Week 19

    It has been quite some time since I last entered a contest; none of the previous contest themes suited me, so I didn't enter them--until now.
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    Artisan's Corner

    Growlachu: Your request is completed. I absolutely love the background (patriotic look, actually, but by accident), but the images ruin it, which adds a bit more detail to one of the shop's rules: no sprites in banners. The banner also had to be split (I split it from top to bottom, so just lay...
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    Artisan's Corner

    Shop Announcements ~ The Shop is Closing Due to Lack of Requests.