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    Body "Art" i.e. Tattoos

    O snap I love tattoos, right now I have 13 and getting another one done next month :O
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    Illegal things you've always wanted to do. (Serious answers please?)

    O man, I'd like to steal a police cruiser and mow down people with it so everyone thinks the 5-0 went over the edge. While I'm in the police cruiser it'd be fun to pull people over for no reason and mercilessly beat them to death :O Do some grave robbing. Destroy a priceless piece of...
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    Illegal things you've always wanted to do. (Serious answers please?)

    Ha ha thats the best! People here are really living on the edge of life ain't they? :O Most of the 'Illegal' things people are posting are legal things that are already legal where legality is legally involved, anyone catch where I'm going with this?
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    Anyone have weird habits of reading or watching something over and over?

    for a while I was watchin' Donnie Darko everyday, then when tenacious D and the pick of destiny came out me and my buddies would watch that everyday :D Love that movie :O
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    Are you playing as the Male or Female character?

    you would be surprised with how many girls dont like to play as lyra because everyone thinks she sucks :D I play as boy cuz I am one :D
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    should shiny pokemon be more special to be much more valuable?

    totally, it might actually make me want to soft reset 9000 times to get a shiny rayquaza :O
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    How has drugs affected your life?

    same as you to say the world would be a better place without drugs :D any way your brother should have paid him.
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    How has drugs affected your life?

    O snap I love adderall :O It helps me focus, so its a positive thing.
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    How has drugs affected your life?

    Really? you know that how? What about medicine, you realize that is considered drugs too. When did this become a thread for absent minded people to tell everyone how to live? You!, my forum-monkey need to take that somewhere else. I believe yanmegamaster made this thread to share stories...
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    Your favourite music.

    O Carcass :D Cannibal corpse Steve Vai Robert Johnson Gwar Amon Amarth Dying Fetus Brain Drill Blue Oyster Cult Vader SRV <~~ Hes the best Slayer Spiritual Beggars Deicide Alabama Thunderpussy o so many more :O
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    What Pokemon would you like to eat?

    some seedotbutter and dittojelly sammiches
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    Y'learn something new everyday, eh? Tell us about it.

    Today I learned Rotom was breedable...seriously wtf how did I not know that?
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    What is the worst section on the site?

    shippers I guess, cuz I don't even know what it is or do I care. I really just came to serebii to complete my pokedex then I got trapped here :O
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    Would you support Marijuana legalization if it would become like alcohol?

    I love marijuana, its like the frosting on my spaghetti :D
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    Thank you very much :D Another question :D Out of the Elite 4, Lance, Red, and gym leader rematches, which of their pokemon have held items and which items are they?
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    Official "Claim your Favourite Game Character" Thread - V.4

    Crono/ Chrono Trigger - Mr Chili [09/28/2010]
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    Does anyone know what level a pokemon has to be on to accurately tell what its IVs are?
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    How tall are you?

    6'4" I think Im done growing :D