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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    After my thorough disappointment in XY, which signaled "Thats it, I'm not interested in Pokemon anymore!", I must say that Sun/Moon keeps on impressing me with more and more news. LOVE the reagion. Starters are iffy but their Evolutions are what counts. Solgeo and Whatever-Bat are WAAAAAAY...
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    Wait a sec, Goodra's only function was to last a few episodes and then get released?

    Wow Ash. Wow. I actually sat down and watched the dub of the first Kalos episode. You were going on to your friends about "Wanting to win a League this time." And you are STILL doing this kind of crap? Jeez, this Goodra was probably his best Pokémon capture since Gligar, and just like...
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    A Slippery Encounter! (858)

    I called it way in the beginning of the Series, during which I'd always watch the first episode of the Generation and no more? Its still in my signature, isn't it? Or, it was… I eventually got sick of the "Mega-Evolutions" But seriously, Goomy is my only favorite Pokemon of the 6th Generation...
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    Things that annoy you in the XY Anime

    I strongly approve of Charizard and Sceptile returning for them to Mega Evolve. Even though I hate the concept, I guess the franchise can still keep it. If it means more screen time for older Ash Pokemon.
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    Why is Ash not "allowed" to win?

    Real-life wise, he's just the star of the show. And some rule seems to say if he wins a League, that alone would win him the title of "Pokemon Master." Its really silly to be honest.
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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    A NON-current Generation capture? Well blow me down! (and yes, I remember when Ash caught Gligar, loved that little guy so much!) Now I'm surprised Luxray doesn't have a "Mega" Evolution that we know of.
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    So Ash, you really DO want to win a League this time?

    Where? I've been combing SPP for Spoilers during this afternoon where I returned and all I see is Serena getting a Pancham (and when is HER Fennekin gonna evolve, anyway?)
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    Team Rocket, you STILL haven't captured Pikachu?

    Seriously guys, its been 15 years! You have been pursuing this rat for 15 years, have done nothing else for Giovanni, and you are STILL with Team Rocket? Why hasn't he fired you yet? And if you want a Pikachu so bad, why not just go and capture a Wild one? Oh, right, I remember. "That Pikachu...
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    So Ash, you really DO want to win a League this time?

    Even though I haven't really watched the anime since the beginning of the Diamond and Pearl Saga (thanks a lot, Aipom/Buizel trade!) I decided to kindly watch the beginning episodes of the XY Saga. I was just as thrilled as Ash was when he was going through Kalos and seeing so many familiar...
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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    Has there been any new captures since Hawlucha? Or is "Mega" Evolution still the only thing this Generation cares about?
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    How do you feel about the lack of rivals in the original series?

    It would have been nice if Gary did some real criticizing of Ash, instead of going "Haha Ash is a loser" all the time. We heard no feedback from Gary on the Ash/Charizard debacle, I'm sure Gary would have given Ash some constructive criticism on it.
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    If Bulbasaur & Squirtle had evolved in S1, would they've become disobedient?

    It would have inspired Ash to do better, something he CHOSE not to do for Charizard, because hey, he still has the "Cute, Little Poke-Pals."
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    If Bulbasaur & Squirtle had evolved in S1, would they've become disobedient?

    This was something I've seriously always pondered ever since I was a child. I knew the reason Ash couldn't get his Charizard under control back then, he was a terrible Pokemon trainer and could only handle the "Cute, Little Poke-Pals" like Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. I mean, seriously, the...
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    July 10: XY035 - The Forest Champion! Enter Hawlucha!!

    So Ash is getting a Hawlucha, huh? A nice little surprise I think, since he usually doesn't go for Fighting types (that aren't Starters).
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    Why hasn't Ash got more Pokemon in Kalos yet?

    Seriously, come on! Get with the program! I watched the first Kalos episode in English, and you had this extreme confidence in your voice when you said "I want to win the League this time!" You've been through 5 Regions already, when will you learn? You will never win if you don't...
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    It was Paul and Ash's Chimchar that ruined the anime for me.

    I stopped caring about the anime around the Diamond and Pearl Saga. There were just plenty things that happened that I did not like. The Aipom/Buizel trade, Zoey, that fat guy Kenny, Jessie's horrendous Contest getup, the whole Saga being too long, but I think if there's anything that takes the...
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    I just think its amazing and hilarious. Years ago, when so much was so different, I'd be fighting against a certain camp who always had some refute against the GS remakes. Not only would they continue hammering on against our good points, of which there was plenty, and plenty of evidence...
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    Why didn't Ash scan his Pokedex on Ekans, Koffing, and Meowth?

    That was one of the really peculiar things about the episode "Pokemon Emergency", how Ash went through the entire battle with no Pokedex knowledge of the very Pokemon he was attacked by. Its so funny to me because other than this episode, Ash was so eager and rushy to use his Pokedex with every...
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    So why did Team Rocket capture Victreebel and Lickitung just to not use them?

    It was always something so funny, how both of them had to wait like 30 episodes or so just to get some fresh air. It was like the writers had no idea what to do with them and they only served to debut their respective Pokemon for the first Season (since Lickitung's capture was indeed produced...
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    Does Ash's Pikachu lack confidence in itself?

    You know, I've been observing something pretty peculiar over the years with this franchise. From a marketing standpoint, the reason Ash's Pikachu has not, and will not evolve is because Pikachu is (still) the whole face of Pokemon, why remove the mascot from the Television show? Well, that...