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    What are your current goals

    To lose weight. I've already changed my nutrition. Now I'm working on my workourt plan.
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    What Series Are You Watching?

    I watched the 3rd episode yesterday. I should say, I didn't expect that I like this series that much.
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    What was the last Netflix show you saw

    Just started watching You. Still can't say much about it.
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    Countries you have visited and how much you like them

    I didn';t visit many coubtries, but I've been to Greece, Turkey and Greece. All these countries are beautiful and have many things to see.
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    How would you describe your dream house?

    I also like modern style. Such houses are not that big but cozy and look great.
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    Headphone Recommendations?

    Sony Extra Bass noise-canceling headphones. I bought them about a month ago and I'm more than pleased with them. The sound is great, the price was affordable, they charge in minutes, and are Google Assistant and Alexa compatible. Also, there is a carry case for easy traveling.
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    What phone do you have?

    I still use my Meizu M5. I'm glad it still works well.
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    VPN or Proxy

    I prefer VPN. It is easy and cheaper.
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    What was your first computer?

    My first computer ran on Windows XP. I liked it.
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    Would You Eat That? V.3.

    Yes Tiramisu?
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    ABC's of Animals