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    If homosexuality is not a mental disorder...

    I imagine all children would be harmed by paedophilic relationships, surely? If I was such a victim and hadn't been abused sexually, only 'groomed', when I was old enough to realize what was going on I would still be disgusted.
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    If homosexuality is not a mental disorder...

    Whoever turned this debate into "but paedophilia is a sexuality even if it harms people" lit the path for this thread to arrive at the conclusion that men and women are very good and the usual sources of pain, rape, and STIs. Hooray.
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    I think when I was about 13 I first said to someone "I don't believe in anything other than science". It's all been pretty uphill from there. So I'll believe what I'm told if it makes sense and there is substantial evidence to support it.
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    If homosexuality is not a mental disorder...

    A paedophile can imagine themselves having a normal, healthy sexual relationship with someone who is not only biologically immature but emotionally unfit to be part of such a relationship. They might even see themselves as being able to successful maintain an emotional relationship with a child...
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    How much of your story do you plan before you begin writing?

    I know about 95% of what's going to happen in Creed. Right now I'm just shuffling some events around, making sure there are no holes (for water retention obviously) and smoothing out some of the story lines.
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    What do you usually eat when watching a movie at the cinema?

    nothing, CREDIT CRUNCH (aka i have no money and am a stingy bastard)
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    Is Gayness Genetic?

    Not sneaking at all. If you're a theist who strictly follows whatever holy book you believe in without question, chances are you'll think homosexuality's a choice and a sin. The former of which is wrong on a scientific basis, as evidenced by literary hundreds of written works that people...
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    Is Gayness Genetic?

    genetic predispositions probably accompanied by environmental and social influences. sorry, but if you don't think that's how it works then you're wrong (or religious, though the two are one the same really). it's the best scientific explanation.
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    What do you find annoying about your/somebody elses accent

    Nothing apart from when they think it is appropriate to type their accent.
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    Lengthy Chapters

    I plan too far ahead to run into this problem usually, like with Creed I know pretty much what every chapter's going to be - when I realize something significant is approaching I can split it into two whilst perhaps adding a smaller climax between the two things.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    naming my rival in silver ????? ****ing idiot
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    Science, art, and alcohol. As with all things in life.
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    Trailer for Your Fanfic thread - new version

    Ozzie Nelson's Dream A Little Dream Of Me is playing on a nearby radio. A young girl looks at the sky. Fixated. Unmoving. Two men approach from behind. It is early, but dark. The sun is blocked by enormous clouds. “Has she still not moved?” one says. “No, doctor. She just stands there from...
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    The Authors' Profiles V.4

    Name: spareux, but you can call me madame marowak. Age: Old enough. Gender: Undisclosed. Fiction background: I've been in and out of fiction for a long time. But now, I have some very thorough ideas and a lot more spare time. Fandoms you write in: Pokemon. Types Of Writing: Oh, I suppose I...
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    Writing something!

    The number of characters is nothing compared to the depth of characters. Deciding on 5 main characters because it's a nice, clean-cut number or 3 because it's the most common option won't matter at all if the characters are crap. Having three main characters with well thought out histories...
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    Could there be other life in space?

    Because the first is based on common sense whilst the second is faith/religion/whatever you want to call it, and the two are very different. I've never seen anyone prove or disprove God, true enough, but I've certainly seen it proved that a rarity is more likely to appear in larger numbers...
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    Anima Ex Machina (PG-15)

    I read this through in one go the other day after your first post really interested me ha, have to say you've got yourself a fan here! It's a really exciting and engrossing plot, I love the idea of Hoenn being this nation in ruins and how ambiguous this XP-650 is. That, and the dual character...
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    creed : tribulation

    1:2 - Mama Tried 1:2 – Mama Tried Isabelle Jane Pressley was not the type of person who kidnapped strangers. She was certainly not the type of person who took orders without questions. However, as she sat in the tranquil air of one of southern Nebiank’s fields and as the smell of cut grass...
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    creed : tribulation

    1:1 - Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head 1:1 – Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head Nebiank City was one of the largest and most successful metropolitan areas in the Pokemon world, even contending against the likes of New York, Goldenrod and Tokyo, though also one of the newest. Whilst the...
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    creed : tribulation

    PG-15. I'm not very good at hellos, I'm afraid. But this is a fiction which, whilst it might start out humble and ambiguous, will hopefully grow into something epic and beautiful. It's mostly what I suppose you'd call an adventure/mystery fiction, although there's plenty of action, sci-fi...