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  1. Faker500

    Sun & Moon Characters Speculation Thread

    I hope Lillie will do more than that. I get she is a book worm but she will need to do more later on down the road to not be stale in the group. I'm not sure Kiawe will do racing, and judging from what you're wanting Mamane to do, it seems like you're trying to make him into the arrogant one of...
  2. Faker500

    Worst Moments of XY(&Z)

    Looking back at XY, the group actually had more problems than people thought they did. For example, Serena's friendship with Ash felt out ruled by her crush at times that she barely got to know him on a more regular level as far as kids is concerned. As many said, Clemont was okay with Ash but...
  3. Faker500

    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    Wait we're still at that part only? Dude, I feel old now that the year is ending and this has not even begun.
  4. Faker500

    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    It would be better if Onix wasn't in this at all. I would have liked if Ash had another pokeone to use other than Froakie because if you look at it, Fletchling is not what I want to see in this battle compared to the one with Viola. Pikachu will be used because of Iron tail but I wish that it...
  5. Faker500

    Pocket Monsters XY Character Review Thread

    There really isn't anything that anyone is doing that is all that interesting. Even though Ash has his gym battles, that itself gets pretty boring after a while. Ash is the only one that is really doing anything quest wise, so unless someone gets one of their own, than everyone in the group is...
  6. Faker500

    February 13: XY016 - Dedenne is Pichu and Pichu is Dedenne...!?

    Speaking of Grant, I cant wait for more info on that. I hope that in this episode Ash can get his pokemon some more battle experience before the gym.
  7. Faker500

    Pocket Monsters XY Character Review Thread

    Of course Brock wasn't a bad character. However, that doesn't mean he shouldn't hava been doing more due to the time he was on the series. Characters who have something to do is also another way on how well a character is received. Brock needed a break and Cilan was a bit of fresh air. I...
  8. Faker500

    February 13: XY016 - Dedenne is Pichu and Pichu is Dedenne...!?

    I love Fennekin and it would be better in Ash's hands if she were to give it away like that. I doubt she would just because she's not using it as much as she could be.
  9. Faker500

    February 20: XY017 - Froakie VS Frogadier! Ninja Battle!

    I hope they don't end up using a bunch of older gen water pokemon we've seen a million time before just based off what you said. I don't mind Froakie battling it's evolution but having an episode like that right after the Delphox one is a tad much. Hopefully Chespin's last evolution doesn't have...
  10. Faker500

    February 13: XY016 - Dedenne is Pichu and Pichu is Dedenne...!?

    True. I wonder if they'll switch it up and use Durrant for a change.
  11. Faker500

    A Battle of Aerial Mobility! (806)

    I agree somewhat. However, I just want some development in most of his future episodes. I liked this episode for what it's worth.
  12. Faker500

    Seeking Shelter from the Storm! (817)

    Dude, is there anything you like at all about any of the XY episodes or do you just like to complain? It wasn't that bad at all for just a filler episode. I like Espurr and I'm glad they were shown as a bit spooky more than cute. At least someone finally agrees that TR is becoming annoying like...
  13. Faker500

    Ash's new rival

    People will dissatisfied no matter what kind of rival it is. People still complained about Paul always beating Ash up while some of his other ones looked like they didn't know what they were doing. It all depends on if you like that character or not. I liked Trip as a character, however as a...
  14. Faker500

    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    No there isn't but this is all just peoples opinions on the matter. It all depends on what the writers will give them to work with. If people aren't satisfied than catch them yourself in the games.
  15. Faker500

    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    Amen to that Brother! Either that or a Mawile would be fine with me. There are so many steel types to choose from in this saga that it would be a waist if they didn't try to give him one this season.
  16. Faker500

    Pocket Monsters XY Character Review Thread

    I liked Cynthia's style but her in the anime was too much for me when the other champions barely got squat. I hope they don't run Diantha into the ground though. I just want a well rounded champion. A simple crush shouldn't determine a person's stay on the show. If she isn't going to be...
  17. Faker500

    January 30: XY014 - Spooky Shelter! Espurr Watches!!

    I doubt that Bonnie is holding a pitch fork to everybody's throats in the whole group. I'm sure that if someone didn't want to give Bonnie something, thy wouldn't. Little kids aren't that evil.
  18. Faker500

    Ash's new rival

    I would rather they make a new better rival. They don't need to push Paul in our faces more than he already was just so Ash can have a good rival. It depends on what the writers want and right now I just want someone who's cool and has some battle experience.
  19. Faker500

    Does anyone think Froakie will finally break the Water Starter curse?

    I personality never though Oshawott was really all that weak. Especially since a few of Ash's other water pokemon didn't evolve and were still able to battle a few times. I wish that Oshawott wasn't used in here to be able to dictate what will happen with Froakie in the long run just because of...
  20. Faker500

    Pocket Monsters XY Character Review Thread

    I don't know about this but I will be glad if they give Clemont a goal of his own to pursuit. I'm tired of second boys being a cast iron and everyone else in the center. If they won't make Serena do anything, then give Clemont something to do of his own. I wanted Cilan to have his own quest as...