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    Amrita Academy - The School of the Gods (Sign-Ups)

    WIP Name: Lilith Fairchild Gender: Female Age: 17 Year: Third Class: Demi-God Domain: Vegetation and Springtime Abilities: TBD Parents: Persephone (Greek Goddess of the Underworld, Springtime, Flowers, and Vegetation) and Raymond Fairchild (Human Father); Hades (God of the Underworld and...
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    Fairy Tale Crossing Sign Up

    May I reserve the wicked fairy godmother from Sleeping Beauty please? I'll try to make a WIP progress post tonight.
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    Fire Emblem Series! - Remember your spoiler tags!

    "Fire Emblem Echoes: Path of Radiance" Was this just a simple screw up by Nintendo on their Twitter, or could it mean something more? I want to believe.
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    Zelda games discussion

    Well, it took me forever, but I finally managed to beat "A Major Test of Strength" trial in a shrine. Two of them actually. They aren't that difficult once you memorize their movements, but I'm slow to act a lot and take a lot of damage. Whether its just my reflexes or the gamepad I'm not sure. :p
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    Dunes [Discussion]

    Looking forward to rping with everyone! I haven't decided what Astrea is going to do just yet. Something that involves her just being unlucky or a source of comic relief more than likely.
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    Have You Ever?

    Tons of times. Have you ever played a pokemon spinoff?
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    Hi Psychic. I have an rp character related question. Is it acceptable to create a character...

    Hi Psychic. I have an rp character related question. Is it acceptable to create a character who's based off an already existing video game character, only more fleshed out and with some major differences? Not a whole lot is known about said video game character's personality except for the...
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    predict the next poster

    No. Satoshi and Touko?
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    predict the next poster

    Nah. NPT?
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    The True or False Game!

    True. I'm not that good of a author, but I try to write something now and again. Need to practice more so I can get better. NP enjoys rping.
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    The True or False Game!

    True. I have a cold, among other things. NP likes Legend of Zelda.
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    predict the next poster

    Nope Ascended Dialga?
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    predict the next poster

    Nope. Nerds?
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    throw an object at the next poster

    I eat the...candy? That is what it is right? I throw a Breath of the Wild Link amiibo at the next poster.
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    predict the next poster

    Nope. Afraid I'm not that good of an artist. J. M. Shepard?
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    Rename the Member Above You

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    The True or False Game!

    Possibly. NP likes french fries.
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    RPG Ideas and Wishes

    Building on what I put previously... You are a Faller-one who has at some point their life traveled through an Ultra Wormhole whether by accident or fate, you decide. The point is, in the face of the Apocalypse, you may be one of the few who will be able to stop the Ultra Beasts from destroying...
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    Rename the Member Above You

    Reincarnated Chibi
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    Zelda games discussion

    Oh I see. I have yet to get the DLCs. Seems like all of those features will be very helpful. And the masks and armors? Nice. I could do without the Tingle one though...Although I'm terrible at completing games 100 %, so...Ah well. I'm at least am looking forward to the new story that be a part...