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    The Red Dragons

    Can i plz join? i am a very good breeder and cloner
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    The Red Dragons

    Can i join please? i can donate
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    PokeGear Speculation Thread

    i hope itll be on the touch screen
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    My Least favourite Generation.

    this is the smartest thing ive heard all day. p.s. : danzo gen1 neva had johto pokes like fr/lg, so get your facts right!
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    Is Sinnoh the Last Region?!?!

    they usually come late, but i doubt pokemon will give up now
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    online battles

    wrong section, and if u are making a tournement, there is a thing called... organization!
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    My Least favourite Generation.

    ok, first fr/lg is NOT gen 1, it is on gba, and its a REMAKE so it counts as gen 3, second, the story of r/s/e is amazing, and third, How the **** is hg/ss gen 2? where you born yesterday. Finnally, i found gen 3 a great challenge, you are saying that the story is boring bcos you cannot figure...
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    likes dislikes

    likes -IMO, the fact that the rivals are friendlier is better to me, since in older games, the rivals just think they own -starters -when you link with a friend, they will always be in your secret base. +more dislikes -WATER!!!! -tentacool -wingull -the hoenn pokedex is...
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    GTS Gets on my nerves.

    yeh, gts sucks, you can almost never find wat u want
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    Official R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    gawd, ive had this sapphire since i was like 8 and i still cannot fill the hoenn dex, i couldnt years ago, and i cant now. any hints?
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    Favourite game playable character?

    i'd say kotone should be left out since hg/ss is only out in jap atm, and it's playable characters and the majority of ppl on serebii are in the US so...
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    Metagross, typlosion,sceptile, etc
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    Favorites Thread: PEOPLE

    1. Who’s your favorite GYM LEADER/GYM? Rather Brock, misty, or the old man in mauville city(cannot remember name) 2. Who’s your favorite ELITE FOUR MEMBER/CHAMPION? Steven stone, or maybe red on g/s/c 3. Who’s your favorite FRONTIER BRAIN? (From the Battle Frontier in Emerald and...
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    What happened to your rival being a rival?

    well the only one i'd say isnt exactly ur rival is may, she is more like a friendly rival, and the others are your rivals, but are still friends(well, apart from silver)
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    Most Ugly Pokemon

    bidoof duh
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    Your favorite TCG Type

    I think psychic too, but i think rather grass or electric should be second
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    Favourite game playable character?

    Mine is Red, he just seems the most heroic of them all. What do you think?
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    What will you do differently?

    Well i will get cyndiquil as my starter, and i will try to get a different team as b4. i will constently rematch gyms
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    Team Rocket Discussion

    wonder what happened to team rocket in the future, after the celebi event...
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    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    Yes, ill use it wen im too lazy to battle :p