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  1. YelST

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Now the Winter 23 Season is coming to an end, despite the valid criticisms, it's still my #2 this season. (no prizes if you can guess #1) I think Tomo-chan did pick up, but not enough to put it on par with MPM. Is it unpopular to say Journeys and MPM have been underappreciated at this point...
  2. YelST

    March 24th: MPM11 - The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!

    We'll find out definitely tomorrow when the TV Tokyo schedule rolls over but I'd be shocked if it was more than 25 minutes
  3. YelST

    What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

    I've not found too much to watch this season, Urusei Yatsura and Pokémon continuing as always, and only picked up Tomo-chan and Saving 80,000 Gold. Urusei Yatsura has spiked in quality in cour 2, Tomo-chan has finally found its feet and Saving 80,000 Gold has gone under the radar as an...
  4. YelST

    Your Top Ten Animes.

    1) Neon Genesis Evangelion 2) Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V 3) Pokémon 4) The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter 5) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (+ Reawakened) 6) Do It Yourself!! 7) Cat Planet Cuties 8) Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 9) In Another World With My Smartphone 10) Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds I could see this...
  5. YelST

    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    Landau looks like a Drampa, air fishing for a mystical dragon doesn't sound too far fetched for where I think this story will go. I'm getting real Rebuild of Evangelion vibes here. A story that follows the beats of the original but deviates into a story involving an ecletic airship crew (two...
  6. YelST

    March 24th: MPM11 - The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!

    Do we know if this is confirmed a 30 minute timeslot? I've been thinking for a while this could end up a feature length episode, one last goodbye. quietly thinking of what I should do with work on this day, I did take the day off for Leon part 4, a day off for SAO and an afternoon off for...
  7. YelST

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Pokémon TV is dub only though I thought? The polls don't count for when the dubs come out, popular as they are, I'm only on about the original. It's a globally recognised franchise and anime but doesn't get the credit I feel it deserves.
  8. YelST

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Pokémon never seems to place on anime polls. I imagine this is in part due to not being on Crunchyroll or a legal streaming service in the west, Urusei Yatsura is going through the same thing. Despite that I still think Pokémon is consistently a lot stronger than some of the anime that makes the...
  9. YelST

    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    If you're into your anime you might be aware of Mitsuha Yamano who's the MC of Saving Up 80,000 Gold and she's a strongly written female MC who looks a bit like Riko. If Riko has a personality like hers I think she'll thrive, I'm really enjoying Mitsuha's character and think she is this...
  10. YelST

    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    I'm excited for this. Riko's design looks amazing and I imagine we'll get to see some more footage of her soon. Not sold on Roy but as long as he's supporting Riko and not taking the battles I'm sure he'll be warmed up to.
  11. YelST

    New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023

    It's very tempting. Getting it to the UK will require an extra courier but still very doable.
  12. YelST

    January 20th: MPM02 - Satoshi VS Kasumi! A One-on-One on the Beach!!

    Y O U C A N N O T P R E V E N T T H E O W L Surprised to see Rowlet here, wonder how that will turn out. Corphish returning to fight is interesting
  13. YelST

    The Distant Blue Sky

    Strong episode. I didn't think too much of it until the twist regarding who Haruto was and the story was handled thereon in a respectful and enjoyable way. I feel like this is one of the episodes which is going to age well and be much better regarded in a few months. It hit emotional beats which...
  14. YelST

    October 28th: PM2019 130 - The Finals II: Toying

    Mega Evolution has never gone away on recall in the games, this is basic knowledge. I suspect Dragapult could be recalled for Lucario v Cinderace in part 3 though
  15. YelST

    Finals I: Torrent (1218)

    Ash taking the lead was a welcome surprise. Solid battle so far, disappointed at the lack of in-stadium cameos however that's a small issue and there are still 2/3 episodes left. I would like to know if Leon can use 3 gimmicks, it would be more fair and is disappointing that we didn't get a...
  16. YelST

    October 28th: PM2019 130 - The Finals II: Toying

    Dragapult v Dragonite, Dracovish and Mega Lucario... I suspect Ash is going to be the one doing the toying using all 3 to strategically wear down and defeat Dragapult with Sirfetch'd beating Charlie Chaplin in a swordfight
  17. YelST

    Dec 25th: M23 - Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco (Feb 28: Story/profiles)

    Debuting on terrestrial TV on the 18th November
  18. YelST

    October 21st: PM2019 129 - The Finals I: Torrent

    I'm not even excited hype about this, I'm all kinds of hype, the trailer and recap episode built it up so well and I can't wait for this episode irrespective of how it plays out, as long as everyone gets a good showing.
  19. YelST

    October 14th: PM2019 128 - Climax! The Night Before the Decisive Match: Satoshi VS Dande!!

    I don't mind the PWCS recaps. The first Masters 8 recap went into detail and showed us some exclusive scenes. That's how a recap should be done. That said they were the only ones we needed, as they give us more information, the Chloe one and in retrospect the Goh one didn't do anything. I'm...