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    Has Pokémon Journeys Lowered Our Standards

    It was not Journeys that lowered people's standards but rather Sun&Moon. SM introduced having fewer battles, having battles with worse animation than previous series, having almost no 3v3s and only one 6v6 at the end and so on. Journeys is just continuing on SM's track record. It's just that...
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    Are Pokemon animated movies still a thing?

    The Arceus special episodes were probably a substitute for a movie.
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    Reach Space! Ampharos' Light (1185)

    Hopefully the supposed Gou-Kiawe rematch will have the two fighting on even ground. If Kiawe gets to use a Z-move, then Gou should be allowed to match that with dynamaxing.
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    February 4th: PM2019 096 - Reach Space! Denryu's Light!!

    I hope we get to see Ampharos mega evolve here. Unlikely, but it would be nice to have some actual screentime for Mega Ampharos.
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    August 20th: PM2019 077 - A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

    I suppose draw is on the table as an option.
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    What Pokemon do you think that the Writers Liked and Disliked?

    Considering the large amount of Pokémon Gou owns, it's quite telling of the writers' preferences that Scyther/Scizor, Dewgong and Raichu have become part of his main non-Galar starter squad. Meanwhile the rest of his mons barely get any, if at all, usage.
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    June 11th: PM2019 070 - Please Get Morpeko!!

    You don't know? Hunter J is a benevolent angel compared to the vicious psychopathic thief and Pokémon abuser Gou. Every time a new Journeys episode is revealed, there absolutely needs to be several pages worth of reminders about the villainous deeds of this horrific antagonist. He is just that...
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    The Detested Absol (1153)

    I don't know where all this delusion is coming from regarding Ash's captures. He already has a full team, and half of them are severely lacking screentime. The absolute last thing he needs is more pokémon to compete for attention.
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    April 30th: PM2019 064 - The Detested Absol

    I really wonder why the writers made these Hoennian pokémon appear in Hoenn of all places.
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    April 16th: PM2019 062 - Woebegone Jimereon

    In Garfetch'd defense, at least we have been shown that Ash is training it, he also used it against Bea, and it has been shown to be a very battle-hungry Pokémon as well. So the justification for it evolving is there. Meanwhile, Sobble has done almost nothing outside of its couple focus...
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    The Lost Grookey! Who is its Trainer!? (1148)

    This but unironically. Even going by just the pokémon we have already seen, that would add 31 new dex entries + evolutions. And in all honesty, it would actually be kind of satisfying to see Gou having to battle TR to free their pokémon bit by bit since that would not only add meaning to those...
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    How will the Diamond & Pearl Remakes Impact the Pokemon (2019) Anime?

    Considering that even Sword and Shield are barely given any attention during PM2019, and the DLC releases got completely ignored, there's a decent chance that these new games don't impact the anime at all.
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    March 12th: PM2019 059 - The Lost Sarunori! Who is its Trainer?!

    If the Grookey belonged to Leon, it probably just got a little lost on the way to Wedgehurst from Postwick.
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    January 29th: PM2019 053 - Getting a Legend?! Search for Suicune, the Guardian Deity of Water!!

    Mallow had a Shaymin for several episodes, and Lillie had a Magearna, so it's not like devaluing legendaries and mythicals is a new development.
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    January 29th: PM2019 053 - Getting a Legend?! Search for Suicune, the Guardian Deity of Water!!

    The only scenario in which I could see Gou catching Suicune is for Suicune to allow itself to be caught after Gou protects it from the hunters, and even then Gou would have to release it immediately afterwards since Suicune must remain in the wild to purify all the water. He can have the dex...
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    Pocket Monsters 2019 Anime: Thoughts before anime started vs thoughts now!

    The series lacks focus and is trying to handle too many vastly different plots at the same time. We have the more serious Galar episodes, episodes that are purely comedic and nothing else, episodes focusing on character development mostly about Koharu, a small handful of episodes where Ash gets...
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    Who might the unknown members of Masters 8 be?

    I hope Karen is one of them. She'd fit in perfectly and she could represent the Johto region.
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    December 4th: PM2019 048 - Almost Pikachu Crisis!

    Gou will probably have Eevee #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11 and #12 for himself.
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    Sword & Shield IV: Ultimate Sword & Shield (1134)

    I am going to take a moment to nitpick about Riolu's evolution. Riolu only evolves into Lucario when levelled up with max happiness during daytime. Yet it was the middle of the night when that battle happened. Come on writers, can you not do any better than this?
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    Pocket Monsters (2019): Original Soundtrack

    Unfortunately it's the Japanese OST which doesn't quite fit the mood that I'm looking for during my daily elevator commute.