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    I'll help spread things out and join the Sidney group
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    Name: Mike FC: There is no secret code to friendship, just love. Time Zone: -4 GMT Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): Not sure, quiz me I guess. Why do you want to join this clan? : To enhance my resume Would you make any improvements? : I tend not to let my thoughts go...
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    OSL Psychic Gym : Leader assassinsceptile

    Following up on our match earlier. Good game, and thanks for the battle. If you would please send me the badge at your next convenience. Thanks
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    Trash Can Thread

    Forum name: Xero FC: 2063 8172 0755 Timezone: GMT -5
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    What he said V

    What he said V
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    oicu *waves back*

    oicu *waves back*
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    ohai P.S: Apparently there is a ten character post minimum.

    ohai P.S: Apparently there is a ten character post minimum.
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    Best Water Pokemon

    Tentacruel hands down on entry it eliminates toxic spikes it can also use rapid spin, knock off, and set up toxic spikes of its own not to mention it it a good special wall to begin with. It is a real all around team player.
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    Team Come n get me, Graduation party

    I say no curse , rest, body slam, crunch/eq/fire punch 252 hp 252 sp deff 4 deff calm nature This set is lethal curse up and when you are low on hp or are statused just take a rest with 500+ hp the two turns wont kill you body slam is very nice with stab + paralyze possibility I recommend...
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    My First (UU) Team

    Hey I like seeing people give the UU tier a try. I am fairly experienced and I hope you take some of my advice.
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    Hey all

    Hello everyone I am Xero from the regileague <-- that was not meant as advertisement just in case any of you know me. Well I am a fairly experienced battler and I like to help out with people's teams and such. I have one major question and that is what tier system does this forum run under i.e...