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  1. PageEmperor

    Ugliest Gen 9 Pokemon

    What the title says! Who are some gen9 mons you think are really unsightly? And why is it Scovillain?
  2. PageEmperor

    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    New move ideas: Metal strike Type: Steel 85BP 15PP Physical attack Description: The user charges itself with magnetism, then uses it to attack the opponent’s weak point directly. As a result, it never misses. Notes: Not sure whether to keep the name or use ‘Magnet strike’. I know Magnet bomb...
  3. PageEmperor

    Gen 9 Starters - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Shockingly, I don’t care if the cat becomes two legged. I mean, I prefer if it ended on four legs as I prefer if not all starters were on two legs, but overall, I’m cool with it. What I’m not cool with and AM going to care about is if the cat ends up having a bad typing. No Grass/Dark. PLEASE...
  4. PageEmperor

    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    Mega ideas: Mega Meganium Ability: Multiscale Type: Grass/Fairy Hp: 80 Attk: 82 Def: 140 (+40) Sp.attk: 83 Sp.def: 140 (+40) Spd: 100 (+20) Mega Feraligatr Ability: No guard Type: Water/Steel Hp: 85 Attk:155 (+50) Def: 100 Sp.attk: 79 Sp.def: 103 (+20) Spd: 108 (+30) Mega Typhlosion...
  5. PageEmperor

    Ugliest pokemon ever?

    Bumping thread, anyone got more thoughts?
  6. PageEmperor

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    I can’t wait to see everyone bombard my previous comment.
  7. PageEmperor

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    I have recently gained the ability to forsee into the future thanks to constant studying, and alas forsore into the direct later today. Jeezus... sorry fellas. No damn gen4 remakes to be seen... hopefully they’ll just reveal them later in the year.
  8. PageEmperor

    Weird moves certain Pokemon can or cannot learn

    Yep, it’s one of those threads. So basically what are some moves that certain mons can or cannot learn that are just boggling? Druddigon. Has a tail, can learn Iron tail. Breaking swipe. Explained to be an attack using a hard tail. Druddigon cannot learn Breaking swipe. WHY? As for the other...
  9. PageEmperor

    Pokemon that you cherish

    Every Nidoking I’ve used in a nuzrun this year. It has an incredulously good movepool, really good stats to work with it, and is just so useful overall. Unless it has a special attack reducing nature or something, I always teach them Ice beam because Ice/Ground covereage is outstanding...
  10. PageEmperor

    Train, Release, Store

    Train Pangoro because it’s actually an extremely good mon. Store Sylveon because I’ve never used one but wouldn’t mind to. Release Delphox because I’d rather use the other two, although it isn’t bad. Drizzile, Diancie, Toucannon
  11. PageEmperor

    Anyone remember let's find pokemon?

    Basically a general discussion thread for those books where you look for these creatures. Seriously, does anyone remember them? Here are examples: Feel free to ask whether or not you want better quality screenshots. So yeah, these books are basically what it looks like: a massive picture of...
  12. PageEmperor

    Pokemon characters with the worst hairstyles

    I was going to only do this for game protagonists, but now knowing that there are way too many characters in this franchise with really, really dumb hair, basically this is a discussion thread for basically anybody in the games who just have incredibly questionable hairdos. So yeah, like the...
  13. PageEmperor

    Improve a bad ability

    Basically what the title says. There are some rules, though: - Your ideas don’t need to have grounded logic. You can say something like ‘Stall now lowers the opponent’s attack every turn’ or something and it’s fine. - No making overpowered abilities. The point of this is to make weaker...
  14. PageEmperor

    Ugliest pokemon ever?

    What do you all think? No: - Sprites, unless you really are out of ideas. This is for designs themselves. - need to take this thread too seriously lol. So let the thread begin!
  15. PageEmperor

    Huh, so apparantly I have forgotten the fact that I made an account here. So anyways, Imma back!

    Huh, so apparantly I have forgotten the fact that I made an account here. So anyways, Imma back!
  16. PageEmperor

    Least favourite Pokemon of each generation

    So what are some mons introduced in each of the 8 generations that get on your nerves, had a bad experience with, or just find it to be the ugliest thing ever? For me... 1: Voltorb. No reason, just do. 2: Delibird. I'm hoping it gets an awesome evolved form in the future but now it's way too...
  17. PageEmperor

    Pokémon who don't look like their types

    There is zero reason for Lucario to be part Steel, outside of dumb headcannons. I also still feel Oranguru should be Grass/Psychic.
  18. PageEmperor

    Raichu, use Thunder! It's Super effective!

    Wormadam use Hidden power Grass!