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    Anything and Everything Shiny - 2.0!

    ive once found a shiny braviary, was just leveling up some pokes to evolve and to level 50. another time i was just trying to get breed a charmander, and then, POOF, shiny charmander, but then i lost the game ;-;, and another time was in emerald, shiny solrock, it think that was my first shiny...
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    #351 Castform

    Ive Got a Castform, pm me with offers :)
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    #052 Meowth / #053 Persian

    i have a persian that i can breed meowths, im looking for spinda, plusle, shellows or some other pokemon, btw ive got all kanto pokemon and unova pokemon soo yep.
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    #190 Aipom / #424 Ambipom

    i can breed aipoms, pm me with offers
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    #406 Budew / #315 Roselia / #407 Roserade

    Ive got a roserade, pm me with offers and i'll breed you one, btw im in need for a diglett/tentacool/meowth. thanks :)
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    #524 Roggenrola / #525 Boldore / #526 Gigalith

    Looking for a shiny roggenrola/boldore/gigalith, trading a thundurus or another shiny like shiny audino, shiny watchhog, or shiny lucario (i think the lucario is hacked, level 10)
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    If Whitney got a Blissey instead of a Miltank would you hate her as much?!

    omg you've got to be kidding, gawd i guess im going to have to get a breloom cause toxic dosent do anything to him (ability) and hes fighting type.
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    well isnt there speed stat low? i might be able to use hypnosis with ninetails and then finish him off with solar beam (if he dosent wake up early). but yup, thanks :)
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    #133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

    Looking for a Eevee with the Dreamworld ability. i have all the pokemon in the unova region (not trading things i cant breed) and ive got every starter, but if your looking for something else then those, i might have what your looking for
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Hello, This is my Black 2 team, but im wondering when do i get to transfer my pokemon from white to black 2? and what route/place? Thanks and if you can, see what is my teams weakness, and feel free to recommend me any moves or abilitys to my team Raichu : Electric = ThunderBolt, ThunderShock...
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    #361 Snorunt / #362 Glalie / #478 Froslass

    Looking for a snorunt, trading a bagon, zorua, etc. pm me with what you want, i might have what you want.
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    #641 Tornadus

    Offering Tornadus level 100, good offers please
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    nah im good, thanks anyways :)

    nah im good, thanks anyways :)
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    Friend Code ------->4470 5504 1412

    Friend Code ------->4470 5504 1412
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    #627 Rufflet / #628 Braviary

    Trading a rufflet for a vullaby!!! :D