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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    Fuecoco looks to take that role if you ask me. By the way... ¿Which starter first base mon in more popular in japan?
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    New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023

    Do you think the writer will let finally evolve some of his pokemon? Lol
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    New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023

    What a ride. When i was young i though if one day Adh's story would end and this week i have finished the collegue. Fells like new start. Now its a troll move and Ash its still somehow in the new anime lol.
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    November 25th: PM2019 133 - Project Mew

    Grookey time to shine is here
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    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    OS Music > XY's themes that had been used to the victory lol
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    November 11th: PM2019 132 - The Finals IV: Partner

    Dont forget the two random people who beat riolu lol. Imagine their reaction if Ash wins
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    Finals II: Toying (1219)

    My god, i expected a match with Mega Lucario vs Cinderace, come on...
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    Ash Heads Into Battle! VS Steven!! (1207)

    Glad they didnt forget katie
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    The Battle Record Thread V3

    Pika won vs Wooloo. Lol
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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    I would say reversal imo, Steel beam its still relative new.
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    The Future of the World Championships

    Emolga's thunderbolt hopefully
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    June 10th: PM2019 114 - Fire Training Battle! Satoshi VS Shinji!!

    I don't see why not. He definitely changed at the end of DP but in their battle in the sinnoh league noticed him how was too predictable with his strategies, so if they train again, he could said this, after all now he is battling champios and everybody knows his team ( Well, you could say the...
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    June 10th: PM2019 114 - Fire Training Battle! Satoshi VS Shinji!!

    I won't be surprised if Ash contacted Paul by his own iniciative. After all himself wanted to find a mega stone and greninja only to gain more power.
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    Mohn and Lillie: A Reunion on the Tundra! (1200)

    Pretty interesting, although Ash was here because... whatever reason lol. At least theyre going to alola together the next episode.
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    May 6th: PM2019 109 - VS Kibana! A Fight with Masters Eight on the Line!!

    The writters always can pull a sirfetch'd win without "lose" like the battle vs Drasna lol
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    December 24th: PM2019 092 - Gangar Does Its Best! The Road to Kyodaimax!!

    Watch out it still lost, especially if somehow is a world tournament battle lol
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    May 28th: PM2019 068 - Rivals for Go?! The Road to Mew!!

    Talking about Tracey. the most positive scenario for him in my opinion is the brief mention about him and his absence for whatever reason. Even if I considered that it's most likely that he won't even get a mention
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    Flabébé's White Flower (1155)

    I hadnt expected Goh realeasing Floette at the end. That was quite sad. It would have liked more if they showed at least 1-2 episodes with the with flabeble
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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    Since Iris's axex had evolved, i really would like to see scraggy as a Scrafty in the lab episode. I don't really care if we couldn't see on screen the evolution, or any ash's pokemon to be honest
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    May 7th: PM2019 065 - Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

    Well, I dont have any issues with Iris being the actual champion of Unova, after all she had shown since very young with a lot of potential. Providing she's also a champion in the games and since BW happened a lot of time, it ins't too weird for me. However, if it is true that Axed haven't...