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  1. JustAStatistic

    Genshin Impact: We Gacha Primo Anime Waifus Right Here!

    I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who's been saving for Dehya. But I am glad that adding characters to the standard banner wasn't a one-time thing for a new element's debut.
  2. JustAStatistic

    Rating all of the “League” Tournaments

    1) Sinnoh is still at the top, with the highest ratio of good characters to good battles, and has Ash vs Paul, which managed to stay one of the best battles despite more than a decade's worth of improving animation. 2) I think Masters 8 gets the silver medal. Yeah, the first round had...
  3. JustAStatistic

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    On one hand, this VA was better than the entire XY games; on the other, this VA was incredibly mid, so it really highlights how garbage the XY games were.
  4. JustAStatistic

    Roy's role in PM 2023

    I'd like it if both main characters were friendly rivals to each other.
  5. JustAStatistic

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    Of course she likes ships, she's a Water Pokémon Trainer.
  6. JustAStatistic

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    I like how "Kalos month" is synonymous with "save-your-gems-for-something-actually-good month". Oh, and LeonZard is finally getting his GMax!
  7. JustAStatistic

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    I think it would be really funny if we got Lysandre in the Trainer Lodge with Honchkrow as his Lodge Pair after Kalos VA's part 2.
  8. JustAStatistic

    FAVORITE Ash team

    The SM team for their entertaining personalities and interactions. Second is definitely the DP team. Infernape is GOAT and Buizel is super underrated, but they lose points because of Gible and for fumbling Torterra.
  9. JustAStatistic

    Who is stronger; Ash’s Snorlax or Ash’s Incineroar?

    I'd give the edge to Incineroar, because: 1) I consider it beating Kukui's Incineroar + Venusaur as a Torracat to be slightly more impressive than Snorlax beating Hariyama + Medicham. 2) Ash's Incineroar is (probably) stronger than it was a Torracat. 2) Snorlax almost certainly does not have...
  10. JustAStatistic

    What's your opinion on the Manalo Conference? (Alola league)

    The badges argument loses credibility the more you think about it. - OS established alternate methods to enter the Kanto League very early on. There is precedence that there are other not-getting-badges ways trainers can qualify for the league tournament. - There is no established baseline of...
  11. JustAStatistic

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    The only good part of January seems to be Sycamore EX. Aside from that, Kalos continues to be garbage.
  12. JustAStatistic

    Who is your favorite Ash traveling companion?

    Dawn and Lillie at the top (with Ash if he was also ranked) May, Iris, Kiawe, Sophocles, and Goh to a lesser extent
  13. JustAStatistic

    How strong were the Island Kahunas of Alola

    Mid-Upper Gym Leader, but definitely below E4
  14. JustAStatistic

    Was Journeys the correct series to end Ash's Journey?

    The best place to end Ash's journey would have been at the end of DP, no surprises here. Ash beats Paul, wins the tournament, and whether or not he beats Cynthia, we have the perfect opportunity to introduce a new protagonist for the soft reboot BW. The second best would have been OS, after the...
  15. JustAStatistic

    Rank the Masters 8 (Plus 2 trainers)

    Using both Dynamax and Mega Garchomp
  16. JustAStatistic

    Rank the Masters 8 (Plus 2 trainers)

    S+: Leon, Full Power Ash S-: Full Power Cynthia A: Cynthia, Ash B+: Steven, Diantha B: Lance, Alain, Iris, Paul B-: Raihan
  17. JustAStatistic

    What's next for YOU in this franchise?

    Still playing the main series games and Masters. Stopped caring about the manga back in BW, though I occasionally did check to see if it got better through SM. It didn't. Can't deny I'm sad to see Ash go, but I'm sure he'll cameo either in the new series or future AU movies. I'm also excited...
  18. JustAStatistic

    Liko and Roy

    I like both of their designs, both feel relatively simple without being too generic. If I said I don't have expectations I'd be a liar. I really hope Riko is a battler taking on the gyms. As for Roy, it'd be interesting if he was a friendly rival, but as long as his goal is engaging or at least...
  19. JustAStatistic

    New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023

    TBH, anime Lillie's character is different enough from her game counterpart that I could actually see her becoming more of a battler. Like, detractors of the Alola League like to mock her getting to the top 16, but even as an inexperienced trainer, she was smart enough to know how to use weather...