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    The "I'm too old to be on here" thread.

    WOW IS MALANU STILL AROUND?? also my university had its own pokemon league too so it's clear that there are plenty of people college age and older than still enjoy pokemon... they might not have the time to frequent forums though
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I've been playing Persona 3: FES for longer than I care to admit... it doesn't help that I keep getting distracted by my playthrough of smt: devil summoner 2 as well. and then I'm also trying to get a less terrible ending in smt: devil survivor for the ds. yeah, I'm basically drowning myself in...
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    The "I'm too old to be on here" thread.

    I wanna say I think I finally grew out of these forums, seeing as I haven't posted anything in 5 months. It hasn't even occurred to me to check back here until today (and that's only because I only have to wait a little over a week to change the horrible spelling mistake I made in my username)...
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    What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

    I'm back to actually watching currently airing series! Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead - 1 Sankarea - 1 Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine - 1 Nazo no Kanojo X - 2 Sakamichi no Apollon - 2 Tsuritama - 2 I'm also finally finishing up the Persona 4 Animation and I'm re-watching Baccano...
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    what you've been on here recently???

    what you've been on here recently???
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    Does anybody find some anime... inappropriate?

    is this thread still going on god this guy is like 9 sucks to be him
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    It's breakfast time! (and other food eating hours)

    i relally want some like wheat pancakes with butter or maybe just some buttered muffins that would be really good for a breakfast at nmidngit situation?
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    rip general chat thread 2011-2014

    whoa wow i'm lucky posting now
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    have yuo ever actualyl really thought about pizza? like seriously like woW just pizza tjhink about it deep on another level
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    Name Change Thread - READ THE ENTIRE FIRST POST

    Current username: The Renowned Obscurity New username: omniouswind
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    Persona 4 The Animation

    So I told myself I would hold off on watching this anime until I completed my run-through of the game, but I couldn't resist. Well, more like my friends pushed me after watching me play the game. Anyway, I'm really loving this adaptation. It's very faithful to the game thus far, with minor...
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    Haha, I was kind of kidding about the party. Kind of. I'm not actually sure if I'll be around...

    Haha, I was kind of kidding about the party. Kind of. I'm not actually sure if I'll be around Cleveland in July, but we'll see! Man, it's moments like this I realize how long my username is. The name's Angel, which is a lot easier. And you got it; I'm a Case nerd. Also, have you ever talked...
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    I'm The Guy/Girl That...

    I'm that girl that apparently lives insanely close to eBay Huckster. can I come to your party? I'm the girl that gets laughed at at her STEM-centered school for being an English major. But people seem to forget she is studying Biology/pre-med as well. I'm the girl who really hopes she gets...
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    Ash and Burgundy is already BadTasteshipping.
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    Love Triangle?

    Ahh Scarfshipping is my OT3. Dawn, Barry, and Lucas are all perfect and I ship them all together equally? Same with their manga counterparts. I will always be fond of Ash/Misty/Gary. Other kind of random ones I'm in to are Cynthia/Dawn/Riley, Riley/Roark/Volkner, Volkner/Flint/Jasmine...
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    Couple/Crossover/Poly Claiming Thread

    Please include Japanese names of characters when you claim. Strike 1. You may try again in three days.
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    Couple/Crossover/Poly Claiming Thread

    Nope, not when it's a really good Falkner ship. my favorite after Honorshipping teehee Anyway, accepted. And updating the list.
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    Shut up, donate your money, watch awesome videogames, destroy cancer.

    Been watching the Blue version speedrun like the dumb Pokemon nerd I am. He's been playing for a little under 2 hours and is about to fight Blaine. They also just broke $100,000. This is a really awesome event and I'm glad they completely destroyed their initial goal.
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    ^Yep, Ghetsis/Hilda is Gretelshipping.
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    Candice/Lyra is Kokoroshipping. Which means heart/spirit in Japanese.