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    Community POTW #015

    Kartana's maximum speed at lvl 100 is 348 - with a minimum attack and hindering nature the absolute minimum attack is 330. While not as impressive as max attack neutral nature 461, its still pretty damn decent. While certainly riskier and a lot less powerful, if your wincon is to surprise sweep...
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    Community POTW SM #001

    The key thing to remember is that Decidueye is not designed to be the star of the show. Its there to trap, support and bulky pivot. So much potential mind games madness. so for those trying to make an attacker out of him - just stop. There are so many Pokemon who can do it better and with a...
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    Stop and just think about what you just said. Mega Blissey? Her fatness already stretches to eternity man... I'm utterly amazed that there isn't a steel typed sword move yet. I mean, in the generation that introduced a frickin' haunted sword...and they give it iron head. You got Secret Sword...
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    Community POTW #110

    Freeze dry is certainly a very viable option for Mr Mammoth in the higher tiers of online competitive battling on an all out attacking set - namely to main bulky water types that like to switch in to an earthquake such as defensive Gyarados, Alomomola, MegaBro and the dreaded washing machine...
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    Community POTW #098

    I feel like it should be mentioned that Origin Pulse actually gets boosted by Mega-Launcher... ...but alas that's only an option if you play STAB-mons since its Kyogre's special move. Its like Nintendo are taunting poor Blastoise. Just imagine how much Blastoise could move on up in the rankings...
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    Community POTW #093

    It needs to be mentioned that Slowbro makes a GREAT partner to this mushroom - the infamous Regenerator duo that's stupidly hard to wear down.
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    Community POTW #073

    On the flipside, Bisharp is one of the few poeks that could actually get away with running Blackglasses, since it can run three offensive dark typed moves - all of which have different purposes. Knock off to get rid of an opponent's item, sucker punch for priority, pursuit to get a jump on...
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    Community POTW #072

    Don't forget Ancient Power is an option for special based mega camel sets. Because who the feck expects a special rock attack? Although I think Rock Slide doesn't need any investment to OHKO those weak to rock in OU or perhaps not. But its an option if you fancy being different.
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    Community POTW #066

    Poor Pidgeot, it so desperately wants the powerful 100% accurate Focus blast in its mega form to take out steels and rock types. But alas, it was not to be. Heat wave isn't bad, but it really would have been amazing to have that fighting type move which is 20% stronger and with a chance to lower...
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    Community PotW #063

    Grass knot should be on every offensive set or at least seriously considered as a way to get around Mega-Bro and other Bulky Waters, plus gives you a strong attack if you're burned. Curiously, it counts as a "contact" move which means it gets the Tough Claws 33% boost.
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    Community POTW #062

    Interesting that there is no mention of Diancie's Grass weakness at all? Sure its not a common coverage move but last time I checked, Mega-Saur was still pretty common in OU and a serious threat to Diancie in both forms...
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    Community POTW #055

    I utterly Agree. ScarfZone is pretty much the best set of the lot, trapping and disposing/heavily damaging steels and breaking down cores. The only other set worth mentioning is Specs Analytic Magneton in the lower tiers. Analytic not only boosts when going last but also boosts if the...
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    Community POTW #053

    The best set by far, and the most fun I've had with is the CritDra set aka BOOM HEADSHOT set. Simply put, critical hit mechanics have changed in XY being that scope lens + Focus Energy = 100% crit rate. While crits ignore your own stat debuffs and the opponents boosted defenses, critical hits...
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    Community POTW #052

    Exactly. Reliable fast healing is what ever wall/tank needs and this lil pumpkin gets it in a months' time! I mean it would kinda suck to have an article which will be out of date in merely a month isn't it?
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    Community POTW #052

    Are we allowed to mentioned that it gets Synthesis from the ORAS move tutors (according to the folks from Smogon) That in itself patches up one of the things Trevanant has over our little (or large) pumpkin friend here which is largely reliable recovery. Some other things to note: Gourgeist is...
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    Community POTW #034

    Its late and I'm sleepy but I'd just like to post my two cents here: Mega Pinsir is off the top if my head the only viable user of the Move Feint. That's right, that really low base powered +2 priority move that can hit through protect attacks. and the reason why? Because of Aerilate and STAB...
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    Community POTW #032

    Frankly the best set Granbull has going for it is as a Physical Tank/Supporter. Sure he's got attack. But he's faaaaar too slow to abuse it. Play on his Strengths: Good defensive typing. Buffered Defense thanks to Intimidate , good HP stat and passable defense (turns into base ~120 Def on the...
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    Community POTW #031

    No no no! Giga Impact should never be used as the primary STAB attack! sure, you may think that because of Truant, if has to skip a turn anyway, but Giga Impact FORCES you to stay in battle, whereas using Return or another move allows you to switch after you attack. So basically, only consider...
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    Community POTW #029

    And thus there is actual potential for Whimsicott to actually use its infiltrator ability. It DOES have base 116 speed after all, most people would assume it has prankster anyway and will probably not notice unless they happened to use priority themselves/ scarfed or are part of the rare group...
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    Pokemon Disappointments?

    Some things that really disappointed me: My beloved Shiftry STILL can't learn Hurricane. Even though every pokedex entry talks about him creating gusts on the same strength as hurricanes. *Rages* The lack of specially attacking rock types. Seriously, why is power gem so horrifically...