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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    That's why I think N might be Ghetsis' bastard... or at least Ghetsis THINKS he is his bastard child. I mean, I wouldn't be suprised if he got around a lot back in his days and impregnanted a lot of women so one day he finds an orphan boy who looks strikingly a lot like him so he raises it as...
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    Who was your first friend on Serebii?

    Myuuvuirocon - we both liked Tabitha at the time and yeah, we became instant friends. She isn't around much anymore. Neither am I, but I'll pop by once in a while.
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Well, it was mentioned by the old couple in Sunyshore and Cyrus' grandfather that because of his intelligence, his parents had high expectations and were very demanding which might have contributed to Though, we dont really know much about Ghetsis' past, only N's. Maybe N was his illegitimate...
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Yeah, infact, that whole scene with N and Ghetsis I would eventually like translated. Well, it's only a matter of when... Still, I have a hard time believe that Ghetsis is going to give up. If not a BW3, 6th gen maybe? Who knows... I just need the translations!
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    My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic - Lets go to 2 : Electric Scootaloo!

    Might as well pop in. Yes, I love My Little Pony and it is a very good quality show and a very rare gem these days when it comes to cartoons. My favorite character is probably Rarity because I'm a seamstress myself and also Derpy because she is just plain adorable and just thinking about her...
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    Ash and his big brother tristan!

    Oh my gosh, I cracked up... I mean, while I agree it is kind of crappy, to me, that is what makes it funny... keep it up!
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    I don't know about you, but it has an almost "so bad it's good" thing going on, at least to me... it's just so cheesy I can't help but crack up. Sort of like why I like Power Rangers even though it is the cheesiest show in the world.
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    What are you currently reading?

    A Storm of Swords which I'm 3/4 of the way done with. Next I'll start Feast of Crows. By the way, Jaime and Brienne is my new favorite pairing. I love it as much as I like my Betelgueseshipping and Magmajewelshipping and you guys all know how much I love those...
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    The last movie you saw

    Dark Crystal... I never seen it before so I decided to see it and after seeing it, I'm sort of convinced that, that along with Sonic is responsible for spawning a generation of furries.
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    It's breakfast time! (and other food eating hours)

    Me? Mostly I tend to eat leftovers, though sometimes I like to make smoothies with fresh fruit, greek yogurt, and coconut milk
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Oh, boy, that would be awesome... maybe to sell it or maybe it can be a held item whoe knows. He is like Lord Zedd from Power Rangers, his staff totally completes the whole fantasy dark lord look he is trying to go for.
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    You obviously don't get that Game of Thrones reference... Eh, oh well, I think that staff Ghetsis has looks pretty awesome.
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    Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Music Discussion/Appreciation Thread

    Rainbow Road on the SNES, it is especially important that you read SNES!! Also, Team Plasma's theme in general is definitely one of my favorites too.
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    Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Music Discussion/Appreciation Thread

    Let's see... gym themes Elesa's - The voices added in are a great Roxie's - My least favorite, this is where the voices don't work. It just sounds too... poppy for a rocker chick. The voices are way too... bubblegum. I was expecting something a little more... hardcore. I'm too spoiled by...
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    I have a younger brother 19 months younger than me, but we don't necessarily feud much, well, at least not anymore. Lately we have been kind of distant.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    My beloved shiny quagsire. It has felt like forever since I played so I don't know if I caught any more shinies in HG or Black.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    A pokemon who knows how to sew would be nice
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    Did society outcast you for playing Pokemon?

    No, not really, I mean, now that I'm in college, it all the sudden became cool again. However, I had to take a break for about a year to really appreciate Pokemon again and now I'm back. In order to be nostalgic, you sort of have to leave it behind for a while.
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Okay, I'm totally ENRAGED about Anthea! I mean, I thought she would actually have a role in this game, but no! NO! She is still my favorite character I guess... I don't know, I'm just extremely disappointed. They didn't even serve any real purpose. I mean, who in the world are they supposed to...