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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    I heard there was something about Celebi gaining a new forme. Is this a hoax or is it real?
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    like them? (not pokemon)

    Shading is at okay level, should work more on proportions. Also lrn2watersurface.
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    Too bad the anime got canceled.
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    Toughest Challenges [Gen I-IV] {MAIN RPG ONLY}

    I really want to know if anyone got faster than 9.16 seconds at the cycling road in RSE. Before DPPt came out, I used to spam that like crazy and wanted to know if any faster is achievable.
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    I hate children.

    I really think its more like deal with it. Kids are annoying as hell for a reason, most likely to stop mass breeding.
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    Completely unreasonable things in Pokemon games

    The only unreasonable thing in pokemon is that adults never seem to know how to stop evil organizations.
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    Umineko no naku koro ni

    ED sounded like an old grandpa was singing it. Seriously.
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    natures and evs and breeding

    EVs, IVs and natures are all factors that keeps me playing pokemon. Without it, I would have most likely quit by 2nd gen.
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    Breeding successes/failures

    My greatest failure is that finding out that the possibilty of a 31 IV in a certain stat, is not affected by what it says on the description. What I mean is that when it said "It likes to fight a lot." on a Stayu, I thought it meant it's Attack IV was the only IV with 31 on it; I did not know I...
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    Who is your team's 'flyer'?

    Before Dppt, it was any one that was in my main team that can learn fly. Since Pearl, my flyer has been Peliper.
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    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    I really want to see those sleeping pokemons falling from the tree again.... The only thing I really don't want in HGSS is crappier sprites and shittier move animations.
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    Impossible Evolutions? (Mt. Coronet, Moss Rock, et cetera)

    Maybe they can have the moss rock, ice rock and a rock from Mt.Coronet being presented at the Pewter City museum, like parts of the rocks being presented, and you bring your Eevee or Magneton or Nosepass up to it, press A, some message pops up, and they go up to the evolution scene.
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    the resort house furniture, uncommon taste for a teenager?

    It's pretty weird how adults just randomly bust inside a 10-yrs old kid's house without knocking, and starts loitering around in their property; or they just loiter outside of a 10-yrs old kid's house, and wait for permission to enter. The most weirdest moments are when the wrestler guy comes...
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    Old Disney/Nickelodeon vs New

    I never really enjoyed anything from the Disney Channel. But Nickolodeon.... NI-NI-NI-NICK-NICK-NICK.
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    Movepool Changes YOU want to see in HG/SS

    I can't believe noone said Flare Blitz on Entei yet. All that attack is going to waste if it doesn't learn Flare Blitz. Also, Thunderpunch by level on Typhlosion and Ice Punch by level on Feraligatr (Because I bet everyone had those moves on their Typhlosion and Feraligatr back then.)
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    Awkward moments

    Once, I stayed after school for my after school class and I needed to use the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom, going on with my business with the urinals, a guy was getting a blow job in the seat right behind me. The girl didn't seem to notice but the guy was probably staring at me for a...
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    Does Cartoon Network even exist anymore?

    CN died when they stopped showing Johnny Bravo and other good old cartoons. The end of Toonami confirmed CN is now shitty, even though Toonami lost its touch after it stopped showing the good shows.
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    Wi-Fi Plaza Games - Like or Hate?

    The games are alright but the balloon toy is the best-est.
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    The SUMMER 2009 Thread of Death: What in God's name is happening?!?

    When I saw the news, I remembered the first Michael Jackson joke I ever cracked in 4th grade. I was wondering what happened to this guy after all that molestation issues and today I hear he may have died. :| ....