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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Just got my games yesterday but already had my team breed. I tried to pick out some that I hadnt ever used before that I thought would be fun, but I did have a few bad habits... Black 2 - Tepig - He was on my black playthrough, but I used random rolls in WoW to determine which of the 3...
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    How much of your pokedex is done?

    I have 3 left on white to get and itll be done for the first time ever for me (A full pokedex for me) Spiritomb (Waiting on dream world to come back up so i can get back to searching for him) Genesect (Will be mine when B2/W2 release) Meloetta (Will be mine when its officially released that I...
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    What would be different if Pokemon were REAL?

    I think the PETA thing might not be as much of a problem if pokemon irl were like they are in the lore. They are meant to battle. Obviously nobody wants a pokemon mistreated and I think if we have a large enough game one day they might institute part of that in the game also. Basically the most...
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    Who's using Dream World?

    Ive been using dream world a lot which is good, but be warned that you dont forget what pokemon you send to it... was playing at work the other day, did several things including catching my thunderus(Whatever roaming one in white was). Well I find I had to go in challengers cave to get the oval...
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    I do still have it, I am looking for other shinies as well. Does it matter to you if it was...

    I do still have it, I am looking for other shinies as well. Does it matter to you if it was cloned from a legit pokemon however?
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    #132 Ditto

    Looking for any foreign ditto as probably a lot of others... Will trade shiny nidoran, any of the shiny dogs, just let me know what youre looking for.
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    #032 Nidoran / #033 Nidorino / #034 Nidoking

    Offering Shiny Nidoran Male UT (Level 22), Bashful nature. Ive looked at his stats using what he currently has, not the best stats but this little guy can make a great addition to your family!
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    BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

    Havent gotten far into it yet myself, my team consists of Herdier Oshawatt Pansear Boldore Gurdurr Whirlipede All around 26. I had went after victini last 2 days in the thought process of replacing pansear with him, but he was a real pain to catch. I went through two full sets of...
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    The shiny beasts

    So I am glad that they are appearing to redo the beasts events for the US, since I checked late and missed the train on Raikou originally but got the other two. I would like clarification here though, the original event ran in gamestop, these events are listed as wi-fi so that is the standard...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    MMk been a while since ive been here, but time for a return with my SS game. Its been a bit of a slow intro since ive been busy this week, but I did breed a special team for my SS based on evolutions that become quite large : ). Combined of old favorites and some new curiosities. My Team at...
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    If you were a gym leader....

    Id have to go with Dark/steel type theme... Dark Knights if you can imagine Umbreon would be my champion Aggron Steelix Weavile Scizor Drapion
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    arceus event question

    I dont recall seeing anything at the toysrus i was at. But I just didnt look that hard. Some signage for it as i entered the store. One other older kid was there also downloading him while I did it 3 times : )).
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    The D/P Scramble Challenge

    Final No Evolution team: Zangoose Carnivine Tropius Dunsparce Luvdisc Illuminese Woot! Looks like all my HM moves are covered by these 6 as well, so wont need an HMguy for any particular areas. I cant wait to get started on this today.
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    The D/P Scramble Challenge

    Cant take a seel. page 415 for my rules.
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    The D/P Scramble Challenge

    Zangoose Carnivine Tropius Dunsparce I need 2 more. bit more type differences would be nice but ill probably be given the twin bugs lol.
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    The D/P Scramble Challenge

    Mawile take an Omastar.
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    The D/P Scramble Challenge

    Team thusfar (Which looks cool) Zangoose Carnivine Tropius (Id actually been hoping to get him, but I never knew he was part flying type or could use fly so that looks pretty cool)
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    The D/P Scramble Challenge

    Alright so ill join the fun on my pearl pack. I can trade fully with the other 2 game paks, have access to all pokemon as well. My Rules: Must have at least one flying type pokemon so I have fly No move restrictions No pokemon that evolve ( I want pokemon like Absol, Aerodactyl, Farfetched...
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    The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

    Today on my diamond after evolving my spheal, I have completed all of the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn dex with the exception of Lugia and Celebi. Now I only have to focus on those 2 and the shinnoh dex and im done!
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    Are you available now?

    Are you available now?