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    No prob! I love Bottlecap! He's naughty heehee

    No prob! I love Bottlecap! He's naughty heehee
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    Shiny Pokémon & PokéRadar Thread

    Oh yeah!! I just got a shiny Skrelp after only like 15 pulls!! I also got a shiny Charmeleon from the friend safari yesturday!! I'm on a roll!!!! Oh Yeah!!!
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Yeah perhaps a "What can I get for this Pokemon" feature would be nice. It would eliminate the trades you can't do if you prefer.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    Found a shiny Metang but it died to a crit. At least I have some shiny Beldum I chained like a year ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBVqSlSAJYs
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    #235 Smeargle

    I need a Japanese, male Smeargle with a max speed IV. I can offer a variety of shinys including adament Beldum and others. I also have many events. I can list them if you pm me.
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    #570 Zorua / #571 Zoroark

    I'm looking for a female, Japanese (or any other language that is not English) Zorua or Zoroark, with any speed boosting nature. (preferably naive, hasty, or jolly but I guess timid will work) I offer shinys, events, etc.
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    Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

    so I do the game and get espeon. I think awesome, that's what I wanted. But then I go to the account and it says that I haven't played any games yet. So I play through the whole thing again and get espeon again and make sure to push yes to keeping it and everything. But it still says I haven't...
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    Experience Formula?

    I'm pretty sure that the Masuda Method only works with different language not just different country though right. (As in a US with a UK poke doesn't work with Masuda Method)
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    Experience Formula?

    You times them not plus. Also I never heard of the 1.7 times experience for foreigners. I thought it was just 1.5 just like every other pokemon with diferent IDs.
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    Wonder cards

    Does anyone know what order you pick up the pokemon from wonder cards in if you have three? In my pearl I still have the Pikachu colored Pichu, Gamestop Jirachi, and Crown Raikou in that order from oldest to newest. Now I want to get the Crown Entei so I have to delete one of the cards. I...
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    EV Training Level 100 Pokemon

    evs are only gain when a pokemon gains exp or through vitamins. Since 100s can't gain exp, they can only gain evs through vitamins which can't get them over 100 evs in any one stat
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    Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

    unless of course they're set to be shiny or they're manaphy
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    Does anyone here actually use the GTS?

    I got a legit shiny Ditto and Weadle off there just two days ago like 5 minutes within each other.
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    Rotom Problem

    The simple answer is no.
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    Delcatty has the normalize ability
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Shiny Discussion

    Well that was... very mean and immature of you to do that to your sister. Like if you wear going to release it anyways then why not give it to her? I can almost cry just thinking if someone did that to me. Also if you find lots of shinys esspacially with good nature like modest on magnemite that...
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    The first Celibi is hacked because it can't be in anything other than a pokeball from an event. The others could be legit but we need more info. Not too sure on the second celibi but I think the only way for it to be under level 50 is by the coloseum bonus disc but that's Japanese only so it's...
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    Yellow Forest? Have YOU met the Ultra Rare LEGIT Flying Pikachu on the Pokewalker?

    I got one but it's hardy nature. However its IVs are all above 22 except HP and its highest is 30 in attack yay.
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    Slots or Voltorb Flip

    I love voltorb flip and all and it's really fun and stuff but when it comes right down to it you want that tm or item and for me I could just buy the things without really denting my money supply. I would totally vote for voltorb flip for funness but for convenience I just need to buy coins so...
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    Do you care about EV points?

    Um EV training for in game just to beat the game for fun is pointless due to how easy the in game part of the game is. However, if you ever want to excel in the frontier or on Wi-Fi then you have to EV train. Besides, once you beat the main game then you have easy access to all areas including...