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  1. K

    The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master (1236)

    Well all be, Ash's dumb bird comes back after 20 years lol.
  2. K

    The Rainbow & The Pokémon Master (1236)

    This was definitely the best of these 11 episodes. Would argue that the other 10 were almost completely unnecessary lol. Would've liked to see the other 10 be a little more ambitious with their storytelling, but this was such a wholesome note to end on that it's hard to be mad. Will miss you Ash...
  3. K

    Is this season boring or what?

    Such a disappointment. This was such an opportunity to show off Ash's old Pokemon and go on really unique adventures. But so far, this is nothing but generic filler. Only the Squirtle episode that just aired tickles that nostalgia bone. But it's not enough. Why not have Quilava evolve into...
  4. K

    Concerns With Let's Go Being True To What Made RBY so special.

    Yeah, I know Pokemon was always an easy game series- we're not talking about Final Fantasy levels of depth here in the main story of Pokemon games. But there was a certain level of challenge to the series- a certain amount of freedom the player has. For example, Pikachu can't defeat Brock...
  5. K

    Down to the Fiery Finish (934)

    Seriously, what's stopping Ash from winning a Pokemon League tournament? While I admit that it's a step up for Ash to make it into the finals, it's rather frustrating to follow a show for almost 20 years and have the main protagonist fail to win every major tournament he's ever entered. (The...
  6. K

    Best Youtube Channels for Video Games and Other Media?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some good youtube channels that are both entertaining/lighthearted and also intelligent/philosophical. I love a channel that's intellectual & funny without being over-the-top level nerdy sounding. It doesn't have to be geeky either, but lately, the geeky stuff is...
  7. K

    I Miss The Brilliance Of Pokemon Colosseum and XD

    I absolutely adore those two gems of games on the GameCube. Perhaps back in the day they were overshadowed by portable Pokemon outings like Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, Leafgreen, and Emerald, but in all honesty I feel like Colosseum and XD were actually better than their portable counterparts and...
  8. K

    Best Anime To Check Out?

    What episode does the Rurouni Kenshin filler start? (And where does Season 2 officially end?) I'm definitely a huge fan of it, and Yu Yu Hakusho as well. Thanks for the suggestions guys, would love to hear more. So hard to choose anime- I've heard great things about Bleach, Magi, Cowboy...
  9. K

    Best Anime To Check Out?

    I have about a month of free time, and I want to expand my mind, and watch some anime. Unfortunately, I probably don't have enough time to watch entire series of shows, but I want to check out some neat anime. The only anime I've extensively watched are Dragonball Z, Naruto, Trigun, and...
  10. K

    A Love Hate Relationship with Video Games- Are Games Beneficial?

    I think it's very important for me to merge a hobby with my work- or work towards making a hobby into future work. If a hobby doesn't lead me towards any future potential, than I prefer to negate it. I'm not the type to play games endlessly (anymore), nor veg out on the couch watching the...
  11. K

    A Love Hate Relationship with Video Games- Are Games Beneficial?

    Haha, well, I suppose I miss most the platform games that I love- Castlevania, Megaman, Sonic, Donkey Kong, etc. I would love to play the new Smash Bros when it comes out but I probably don't have time for it. And shoot, I think a lot of this stems from my job situation right now. I'm out...
  12. K

    A Love Hate Relationship with Video Games- Are Games Beneficial?

    Thanks to all of you- I feel very encouraged right now. I can't say I regret my time gaming in any way (but maybe in such excess....) I guess I have a new dilemma- I miss video games. I haven't played a game in quite a few months now (not even Smash Bros with friends anymore), and I feel a...
  13. K

    A Love Hate Relationship with Video Games- Are Games Beneficial?

    I have this weird relationship with video games these days. And this is by no means a bashing of video games culture, just a way of me coming to terms with my time gaming and why I feel that it might have been harmful to me personally. Growing up as a child, I loved video games...
  14. K

    Site That Buys Used Blackberries?

    Dear all, I hope I'm in the right section. I was wondering, does anyone know of a site that buys used (like new) blackberries, equivalent to the iphone sites? Thanks so much!
  15. K

    Learning To Play Video Game Music

    So I'm getting into music playing, and many of the songs that inspire me/are fun to play are songs from video games. Right now, I find myself mostly tinkering with music in GarageBand (keyboards), as a beginner who hasn't invested in any sort of instrument yet. I'm wondering- which kind of...
  16. K

    Making Time For Video Games

    I don't think I'm the type of person to get into the industry then, to be honest. My passion level isn't high enough for me to justify doing so. If nothing else, I wish I can work for the 2D gaming industry back in the 1990s- I would love to design for games like Castlevania and Contra! But...
  17. K

    Making Time For Video Games

    This is a two sided question: one side is asking how to make time for video games when you get older, and the second side is asking if it is possible to make video games in a fun career. Question A: Is it wise to make time for video games? So I noticed myself weening off video games...
  18. K

    What is the worst way Ash lost a League?

    I'd say the Johto and Sinnoh Leagues were definitely the best. (Orange League too) All the other leagues were pretty lame. Indigo was too barebone, and I disliked how there were no strong trainers in the league. Ritchie was weak, and had Ash's Charizard obeyed him, he probably would've won...
  19. K

    The Pi-Kahuna (069)

    This is honestly one of my favorite episodes in the series- it's not about Pokemon battling at all but it doesn't have to be- it shows the bond between a surfer and his Pokemon, and his dream to accomplish his goal. Plus, almost nothing compares to the scene where Victor gets his flag atop the...
  20. K

    The Spell of the Unown! (M03)

    Responding to this almost 8 years later is wild.... I was inspired to watch this film after seeing Charizard return in Best Wishes. But yeah, I really did like this movie a lot, I think it's still my favorite from the series. It has a more in depth story than the first two movies for sure...