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    Animes that you think are underated

    I've never seen someone on this forum mentioning that they ever watched Kino's Journey. A short, but rewarding, anime.
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    Digimon! Yeah that's what this thread is about!

    It's a shame that Frontier gets so much hate from fans. When I watched it, I was surprised by the fact that no one had partners. But, I got over the fact and I watched it all. I love Frontier. I liked seeing Kouji and Kouichi bond as the episodes went on. It's one of the few reasons I like...
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    Neon genesis Evangelion

    Cleared your depression? It's one of the most depressing things I've ever seen! (The other is episode 8 of Gurren Lagann.) I'm surprised you could put up with the main character, which is a whining kid that I would smack across the head if he was real. While the main character bothered me, I did...
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    I need an Animé! ZOMG HALP!!

    Aquarion? It's like Gundam, but its not as good as Gurren Lagann in my opinion. Kino's Journey is good if you like thinking about things. Watch Wolf's Rain. Samurai Champloo.
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    Finding Anime in Unorthodox Places

    Avatar the last airbender has very anime-like artwork, even if it was a western cartoon. Also, thanks to Avatar EXTRAS, some scenes were influenced by Naruto and Samurai Champloo.
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    What's the worst show you've ever seen.

    Anything on VH1 that's isn't the 'I Love The ....' shows. Simple VH1 plot idea for reality show: 1. Take washed up person from 90's that was once popular. 2. Put him in household, fill household with anything with alcohol in it. 3. Put in girls/boys that claim to adore washed up person...
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    Fic ideas V.2

    I like the idea of our Hunter just feeling pity for our stupid girl and her Cleffa. He started off as a trainer in his old region, yet became a thief after he saw that he wasn't having fun. He wasn't amused by just going around and collecting badges. So, he become a thief. He moved to Johto to...
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    Fic ideas V.2

    Okay, I thought of more. The man is an infamous Pokemon Hunter, who used to capture wild or tamed Pokemon to get his paycheck. He is on the run from the police, and he starts his life anew in Johto with his Spearow. The nineteen-year-old is searching for a Dunsparce in the Dark Cave when he...
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    Fic ideas V.2

    A young man is on a journey through Johto, keeping a very low profile as he does so. He saves a young trainer and her Cleffa from danger, and offers the girl a chance to travel with him. ...That's all I got so far. *feels pitiful*
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    Review the Last Movie you Watched

    Grave of the Fireflies 10/10 Still a classic movie, and it still made me cry even if this is the second time seeing it.
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    Review the Last Movie you Watched

    Grave of the Fireflies 10/10 Still a classic movie, and it still made me cry even if this is the second time seeing it.
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    Last book you read and rate it.

    Puddlejumpers 7/10 Kind of annoying with the imp-like magical creatures, and the ending was almost too good to enjoy.
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    What is One of the worst anime you ever watched?

    I wasn't really a fan of Lucky Star or Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Lucky Star doesn't really have a plot, and the art style kinda bugged me. Haruhi was 'meh'. Compared to a series like Kino's Journey, it wasn't really that groundbreaking for me. They really should have just kept it as a club...
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    Ever have a strange neighbor that always stared at you, or let their dog take a huge dump on your lawn? If so, share your stories. The annoying or odd things that neighbors do to bug you.
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    What If 4Kids Still Had Pokemon

    I was curious about Dinosaur King, and as soon I heard one of the character's voices I jumped. It was Ash's old voice! To be honest, and on topic, I would care if 4-Kids took over Pokemon again. I like the new voices and changes, I perfer everything that PUSA does with the show.
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    Diary of a Traveler

    New edited version of the first chapter is up. The next one shall be in a new days or so. Enjoy!
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    The term 'Uke' is in every Yaoi fangirl's mind, dear.

    The term 'Uke' is in every Yaoi fangirl's mind, dear.
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    Diary of a Traveler

    I shall edit it until it is perfect. I'll will also PM you when it is finished for real. Mostly, I was rushing and even I felt like it wasn't finished yet. It will be edited over the weekend.
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    Diary of a Traveler

    The diary of a poor innocent man as he was caught up in one of the worst creations in the world. ---------------------- Dear Diary, Hello there! As I write down into your blank pages, I cannot help but feel like a weight is off of my chest. This may be my first entry, but you have made me...
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    Weirdest english voice actor for an animé character

    Vic Mignogna ....*Shot* I kid! I kid! To be truthful, anyone that 4Kids hires for voice actors. Those poor people must be on the end of the rope to agree to a 4Kids-edited anime..