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  1. Mrs. Lovett

    Character Genders

    When I was little, I'd always write about female main characters and never about males. Being a girl, I felt most comfortable and most interested in writing about girls, whereas I had no interest in writing about guys and thought that that all writers just stuck to their own :P. I guess it's...
  2. Mrs. Lovett

    Pure of Heart

    Welcome to the forums, and welcome to the fic section! This is definitely an interesting idea; I'll admit that I've always loved the idea of the in-game protag catching Mewtwo and showing it the power of the bond between trainer and pokemon. I also agree that an idea like this would work great...
  3. Mrs. Lovett

    Fanfic New Year's Resolutions

    Thanks so much! It's been a couple days, but I wanted to let you know that encouraged me, haha. And if you have an idea you're excited about, then that's great! I do hope you'll get back into the forums, as well as all the other people who've shared the same sentiment here. I can really relate...
  4. Mrs. Lovett

    Fanfic New Year's Resolutions

    I have a thesis to work on too, but mine's just getting started, so that will have to be my main writing project for the first half of this year. Then I have an original story idea that's been in my mind for nearly four years now and that I'm super close to finishing in rough-draft form. I would...
  5. Mrs. Lovett

    Worth (PG-13)

    Lately I've been revisiting my old games for a spell and thinking about the storylines and the messages they send. It seemed fun and straightforward when I was a kid, but now when I look back on the characters and relationships, they seem surprisingly deep and profound. Maybe it's nostalgia or...
  6. Mrs. Lovett

    2016 Fanfiction Awards - RESULTS

    A bit belated, but I wanted to say thank you to everybody who nominated/voted for my one-shot and that I really appreciate the attention you've given it. Though I haven't been able to do much reading this year, from what I have read I can definitely say that there were a lot of great stories...
  7. Mrs. Lovett

    These Members Describe Fics In Clickbait Titles (What Happens Next Will Shock You!)

    I didn't know whether to click or scroll past this one! xDD Stop everything now - There is a Trick House on Route 110 Man Stands In Front of Cave For Two Weeks and How it Ends Will Shock You Flower shop owner, trainer boy and evil thug group leader discover nature's beauty and we are simply...
  8. Mrs. Lovett

    Look and Listen (Serebii Yuletide 2016, PG)

    I'm glad that line stuck out to you; it was one of my favorites. Aside from being Maxie's moment of change, it's something that's crossed my own mind a few times in the past. And it was a perfect fit for the weather crisis, too. :P I understand where you're coming from with regards to the...
  9. Mrs. Lovett

    Look and Listen (Serebii Yuletide 2016, PG)

    {W} I place the Ganlon plant on the windowpane of my new bedroom, where the flowers would get a lot of sun and a fresh breeze every now and then. The rest of my things follow them into the room soon after, and by the end of the day, my surroundings are back to the way they were before. The air...
  10. Mrs. Lovett

    Look and Listen (Serebii Yuletide 2016, PG)

    This fic was written for Dramatic Melody for the Serebii Yuletide 2016. I got a list of several prompts having to do with Hoenn, all of which inspired me, so the idea that resulted in the end has a bit of everything in the mix. But the prompt that formed the basis, so to speak, was the one...
  11. Mrs. Lovett

    Sleepy Chateau

    The title was too cute not to click on. xP But I like what the story turned out to be - a semi-scary, recollected tail with plenty of mystic elements, yet not over-the-top with the horror. At first, I was a bit confused as to why a non-Sinnoh pokemon would appear in the Eterna Forest, and I...
  12. Mrs. Lovett

    Worlds Collide: A Real World One-Shot Contest

    Those are some nice looking user bars! (All the graphics look great, but I'm a fan of user bars in particular. I might just put one up...) I also like the theme that they have going on, with pokémon and the Earth. Hehe. I've gotten a few vague ideas for this, some of which sound really cliché...
  13. Mrs. Lovett

    How to Balance Work and Writing?

    I'm in college, and I'm a bit of a try-hard when it comes to classwork and projects, so I'd feel guilty if I ever let my writing get in the way of them. At the same time, I want to write, and I'd feel guilty if I let my real-life obligations crowd out my writing time, so what I do is I usually...
  14. Mrs. Lovett

    Exquisite Corpse: Kanto Trainer Fic

    I really enjoyed the first part, with all of Rust's anxiousness to start his journey. I like how there was a nod to the protagonist's in-game silence, but that Rust started talking in the end. The scene where Rust sees the Magikarp was hilarious. :P His attitude towards his journey in this...
  15. Mrs. Lovett

    2015 Fanfiction Awards: RESULTS

    It's always been my secret dream to get first place in a scene award. xP I don't know why. But this was one I really wasn't expecting, which makes me all the more ecstatic! I'm pleasantly surprised that people liked May as well; she was definitely a lot of fun to write, as was the one-shot in...
  16. Mrs. Lovett

    The Serebii Exquisite Corpses

    I've finished my first session of writing and I'm already a couple hundred words over the minimum limit. (Though I'm not done yet.) xP I know it was mentioned that there's no maximum word count, but I'm curious -- how long have your (everyone's) contributions been so far, roughly?
  17. Mrs. Lovett

    The Serebii Exquisite Corpses

    Oh God, my sentence for the Kanto trainer fic is amazing. xP I'm going to have so much fun with this. I haven't started writing yet, but I know it'll be hilarious.
  18. Mrs. Lovett

    In-Universe Aliases vs. Narration

    I'm writing a story for a different fandom (although not a crossover) that involves something a lot like this. Two of my characters adopt alter egos, masking their true identities from characters who would otherwise know who they are. Let's call them A and B, and their aliases A* and B*. They...
  19. Mrs. Lovett

    The Serebii Exquisite Corpses

    I've never heard of this kind of thing before, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Count me in! Username: Mrs. Lovett Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: Kanto Trainer Fic Do you want to be a first writer?: Yes Preferred weeks: I won't be able to write anything on the weeks of April...
  20. Mrs. Lovett

    Writing in 2015 and 2016!

    2015 wasn't a very productive year for me with respect to fanfiction. In the first half of the year, I was juggling several fics along with Roots, and in the second half of the year I got an idea for an original story which ended up consuming all of my attention. I really like it, and I'm still...