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    Favorites Thread: PEOPLE

    Normal type : In no way is Whitney favourable. By that logic Cheren seemed an idea of cool Normal trainer. Fighting type : Maylene because Sinnoh had been the region I am most familiar with (first Pokemon game I ever actually owned was Pearl). Flying type : Falkner, I guess because he was too...
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    If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

    WARNING: Mammoth effort! [/SPOILER]
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    Are you OCD about anything in your Pokemon game?

    Oh, I thought this thread was a contest? I don't like wasting PP (against the Elite Four, it may cost me the life of whom I was training), and once when the console died as I was saving I freaked out because when I resumed after charging it read "Save File corrupted".
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    Are you OCD about anything in your Pokemon game?

    - team must be boys - will honestly reset time after time if the gift Pokemon I intend using end up female - no nicknames - player name variant of my own - combination of CAPS, lower case, and numbers - official rival name - must know the movesets of my team before I start - level 50+ before...
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    Pokemon in Australia

    At last Toasted TV overtook where I discontinued watching online (because I don't want to chew through my crappy internet just to stay up to date, and paranoia of viruses). From now on, everything is new to me haha.
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    Favorite/Least Favorite starters of each type

    Grass Favourite: Treecko. Even though I do not technically own a third gen game, I always assumed I work best with all out offence staters. Although Turtwig was a close second for reasons entirely different. Least: Chikorita. Not because its movepool is bad, it's just I have never used it yet...
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    The Miltank or the Kingdra?

    Wow. That is the exact same strategy I used in my most recent play! Basically for Miltank since she's Normal, Ghost types don't work, so I rely entirely on Curse and a couple uses of Hypnosis. And pretty much when clair sends out anyone after Gyarados, I'd spam Ice Fang.
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    design a pokemon town

    Create / Rename / Change Anything And Everything!!!
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    Best Region? Worst Region? Coolest Starters?

    Best Region: Sinnoh. Despite the backtracking in DP though. Worst Region: Unova. My reason is that I found completing the in-game material - Gyms and Elite Four - was just... what's the word?... fast-paced. If I didn't need to recharge my DS I could have sat down and completed the journey in one...
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    What is your least favorite thing in pokemon?

    This. Also when you're about to face the Elite Four and one Pokemon in your party is severly underleveled. Like not kidding, a Vaporeon lower than 40 cannot battle against Bertha. Edit: And any evolution dependant on trade.
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    Favorite Water Type Pokemon

    Baseform - Totodile Midform - Wartortle/Dewott Final form - Empoleon Any Water Pokemon - Vaporeon. HP is insane!
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    What do you call your rival?

    RBY/FRLG - F******* Blue or Gary. Not quite inventive on my part to be honest. GSC/HGSS - Silver. Again, lack of inventive mind. DPPt - Someone. BW2 - Originally ?. Now I'm too lazy so stick with Hugh.
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    What is your favorite fire type pokemon?

    I always liked Houndoom, but I really love Chandellure. Could be the secondary types I am quite fond of. Charmander and Chimchar.
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    Triple Battles or Rotational battles

    Triple battles is like, place your stronger Pokemon second in your party and proceed. Not that interesting. Rotation battles, like others said - you have to constantly strategize whether your opponant is going to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. Basically you need to outsmart the CPU.
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Infernape - Thunder Punch, Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Stone Edge. Gallade - Leaf Blade, Psychic, Close Combat, Night Slash Umbreon - Payback, Psychic, Toxic, Confuse Ray. Bastiodon - ?? I do not really want to use fourth gen evolutions (Gallade being the exception) of older Pokemon unless...
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    Nonexistent Eeveelutions

    Meleeon - Fighting Germeon - Poison Valleon (Valley) - Ground Aireon - Flying Morpheon (as in Metamorphasis) - Bug Oreon - Rock Spectreon - Ghost Wyrmeon - Dragon - I imagine looks like Spyro. Ironeon - Steel
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    Banned episodes you wanted to see.

    The Legend of Dratini amd the Plasma episodes.
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    Pokemon Names You Pronounced Wrong

    Victreebel - "Victory-Trouble" Articuno - "Arctic-Queen-Oh" Mewtwo - "Moo-Too" Meganium - "Meh-Gun-Yum" Feraligatr - "Ferally-Gay-Tar" Tailow - "Tay-Loud" Plusle - "Plume-Soul" Kyogre - "Kai-Ogger" Bastiodon - "B******-On" Regigigis - *stutters after the first "Gi"* Patrat -...
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Redoing HeartGold for the I dunno lost count. Tyranitar with Ice Fang or Dragonite with Ice Punch? Whom's mentioned Ice move is easier to obtain? Which pseudo-legendary is easier/better to train for in-game, maybe post game (if I feel like it)?
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    Trip's dislike of Kanto

    Bahahaha! Oh how I wish this were the case. Maybe he has done the research or something via International Television and come to a conclusion the Kanto region has produced such weak/pathetic trainers. Or generalises it based on Ash Ketchum's performance/maturity.